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  1. A Potential New Heavy Particle Like the Higgs Boson ...

    1 day ago · Scientists from the University of Granada (UGR) and the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) have recently published a study in which they endeavour to extend the Standard Model of particle physics (the equivalent of ‘the periodic table’ for particle physics) and answer some of the questions that this model is unable to answer.

  2. Searching for Dark Matter Through 5th Dimension ...

    Feb 02, 2021 · Press release Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz February 2, 2021. AP Photo/Illustris Collaboration. Theoretical physicists of the PRISMA + Cluster of Excellence at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) are working on a theory that goes beyond the Standard Model of particle physics and can answer questions where the Standard Model has to pass – for example, with respect to the hierarchies of the masses of elementary particles or the existence of dark matter.

  3. University of Mainz - Wikipedia

    Feb 15, 2021 · The Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (German: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) is a public research university in Mainz, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany, named after the printer Johannes Gutenberg since 1946. With approximately 32,000 students (2018) in about 100 schools and clinics, it is among the largest universities in Germany.

    • 1477 (University of Mainz), Re-opened, 1946 (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)
    • That they all may be one
    • Ut omnes unum sint, German: Dass alle eins seien
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  4. Linear particle accelerator - Wikipedia

    At the University of Mainz, an ERL called MESA is under construction and should (as of 2019) go into operation in 2022. Compact Linear Collider [ edit ] The concept of the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) (original name CERN Linear Collider , with the same abbreviation) for electrons and positrons provides a traveling wave accelerator for energies of the order of 1 tera-electron volt (TeV). [7]

  5. Antonia Statt | Materials Science & Engineering | UIUC

    Feb 15, 2021 · Diploma, Physics, University of Mainz, 2012 Academic Positions Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, April 2016 - November 2019

  6. A deeper look into natural sciences with physics-based and ...

    Feb 09, 2021 · A deeper look into natural sciences with physics-based and data-driven measures Author links open overlay panel Davi Röhe Rodrigues a Karin Everschor-Sitte a Susanne Gerber b Illia Horenko c Show more

  7. Antiproton Decelerator - Wikipedia

    Feb 14, 2021 · The Antiproton Decelerator (AD) is a storage ring at the CERN laboratory near Geneva. It was built from the Antiproton Collector (AC) machine to be a successor to the Low Energy Antiproton Ring (LEAR) and started operation in the year 2000.

  8. Hopes evaporate for the superheavy element flerovium having a ...

    Feb 12, 2021 · So, last year, a team led by Rudolph and Christoph Düllmann of the University of Mainz took another look at the stability of flerovium with upgraded detectors at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Germany. They fired a beam of calcium-48 ions at metal foils coated with plutonium-242 and plutonium-244.

  9. Matthias Kreck - Wikipedia

    Feb 18, 2021 · Matthias Kreck (born 22 July 1947 in Dillenburg) is a German mathematician who works in the areas of Algebraic Topology and Differential topology.From 1994 to 2002 he was director of the Mathematical Research Institute of Oberwolfach and from October 2006 to September 2011 he was the director of the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics at the University of Bonn, where he is currently a professor.

  10. Hopes evaporate for the superheavy element flerovium having a ...

    Feb 12, 2021 · Russia’s Superheavy Element Factory will attempt to synthesize element 120—a potential island of stability now that element 114 has been ruled out. C. BICKEL/SCIENCE By Daniel CleryFeb. 12, 2021 , 11:50 AM For decades, nuclear physicists have blasted record-breaking superheavy elements into existence, extending the periodic table step by step beyond uranium, the heaviest natural […]

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