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  1. 1 day ago · Neuron differentiation includes formation and outgrowth of neurites that differentiate into axons or dendrites. Directed neurite outgrowth is controlled by growth cones that protrude and retract actin-rich structures to sense environmental cues. These cues control local actin filament dynamics, steer growth cones towards attractants and away from repellents and navigate neurites through the ...

  2. 1 day ago · Workers test the procedures for the manufacturing of the messenger RNA (mRNA) for the COVID-19 vaccine at BioNTech, Marburg, Germany, March 29, 2021. /CFP Researchers at the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna used these techniques to develop their vaccines.

  3. Indian SARS-CoV-2 variant shows enhanced host cell entry and ... › news › 20210506

    1 day ago · A study conducted by researchers in Germany has found that the B.1.617 variant of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that has emerged in India entered certain types of ...

  4. Otto Ubbelohde - Wikipedia › wiki › Otto_Ubbelohde

    1 day ago · Life. Ubbelohde was born and grew up in Marburg, where his father August Ubbelohde was a professor at the University of Marburg. From 1900 he lived in Goßfelden, nowadays a part of the community of Lahntal.

  5. Blocking viruses’ exit strategy | Technology Org › 2021/05/07 › blocking-viruses

    Today · The Marburg virus, a relative of the Ebola virus, causes a serious, often fatal hemorrhagic fever. Transmitted by the African fruit bat and by direct human-to-human contact, Marburg virus disease ...

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    1 day ago · Location: Good Old Germany Posted: Apr 09, 2021 03:53 Post subject: Re: Collection of Jean Suffert Really beautiful, I like those combinations of hematite roses and quartz with red/orange/yellow coating that come from Lechang and from Jinlong which is also in Guangdong.

  7. 1 day ago · Jeffry Becker, hookmaster and sinker @ Treblehook Studio Minneapolis 4 capturing Brian's cymbals and skins and our groove and song so well. so.glad.u.there. Martin, Vernon et al, genius@ Rideau Apple 4 exchanging not only my motherboard a few years ago, but now also my dead power supply on warranty - Apple offers by far the best customer service, shezam, blessings, guys, your way.

  8. H5N1: Covid-induced black fungus cases reported in Delhi hospital › h5n1/2021/05 › covid

    1 day ago · Via NDTV: Covid-Induced Black Fungus Cases Reported In Delhi Hospital. Excerpt:New Delhi: Doctors at a leading private facility here are seeing a rise in the number of COVID-triggered mucormycisis cases, according to a statement from the hospital.

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    1 day ago ·

  10. RHÖN-KLINIKUM Aktiengesellschaft: First quarter of 2021 ... › press-release › 2021/05/06

    1 day ago · In the first three months 201,740 patients were treated at our five hospital sites in Bad Neustadt, Frankfurt (Oder), the university hospitals in Giessen and Marburg as well as in Bad Berka all providing maximum and intermediate medical care, a decline of 4.7 % in comparison with the same period last year. Annual General Meeting on 9th June 2021

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