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      • BETHANY HAMILTON: UNSTOPPABLE is a biographical sports documentary about renowned surfer Bethany Hamilton, aka Soul Surfer, as she transitions from adolescence to adulthood and pursues her dream to surf competitively on the world's most famous waves, despite having only one arm.,most%20famous%20waves%2C%20despite%20having%20only%20one%20arm.
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  2. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable (2018) - IMDb

    Jul 12, 2019 · Directed by Aaron Lieber. With Alana Blanchard, Adam Dirks, Tobias Dirks, Bethany Hamilton. After losing an arm to a shark attack at age 13, Bethany Hamilton refuses to give up her dreams of being a professional surfer.

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    • Aaron Lieber
    • PG
    • 2 min
  3. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable | Netflix

    Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable 2019 PG 1h 40m Sports Documentaries This documentary follows the rising tide of Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm as a teen before making waves in pro surfing and her personal life.

    • Aaron Lieber
    • 100 min
    • Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable - Official Trailer
    • Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable
    • Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable - Official Trailer
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    Bethany Hamilton's 'Unstoppable ' - the continuing story from shark attack survivor to fearless athlete, mother and UNSTOPPABLE force, a story of relentless strength and beauty.

    • Aaron Lieber
    • PG
    • Documentary
  5. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable (2019) - Rotten Tomatoes

    Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable Critics Consensus. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable is far more risk-averse than its thrill-seeking subject, but still provides a reasonably inspiring introduction to ...

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  6. 'Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable' Review: Captures Her Story ...

    Jul 13, 2019 · So when you watch “ Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable,” a documentary that recaps Hamilton’s life in compelling fashion without adding anything of special novelty or depth (though much of the surfing...

  7. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable - Plugged In
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    • The Trials of Bethany
    • When I Surf, I Feel His Pleasure

    Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable, a new documentary about the famed female surfer, is a love story. Not so much about Hamilton’s love for God or her husband (Adam Dirks) or her son (Tobias), though clearly she loves them all. No, the romance this film focuses on is between Bethany and the ocean—and the sport that has given her, and taken from her, so much. “It’s my passion and my love,” Bethany says of the ocean. “But [it’s] also my place of healing and reflection.” Many might find Bethany’s use of the word “healing” a little odd, given that a shark infamously bit off her left arm in 2003, when she was just 13 (as dramatized in the 2011 film Soul Surfer). But as we see, Hamilton’s love of this watery world is just too strong to be extinguished by a mere missing limb.

    Bethany was born to a pair of surfers, the movie tells us: Charilyn and Thomas Hamilton met through the sport. And when they got married and had kids, Charilyn tells us that “everything was designed around taking care of the family and having time to surf.” Bethany showed unusual talent quite early. By age 8, she says she knew she’d be turning professional. She could do it, too. The family’s trophy case filled up with her awards. Unstoppablesuggests that Hawaii (Bethany’s home state) was experiencing a huge surge in talented surfer girls in the early 2000’s, but she was the best of the bunch. “Bethany was the one to beat,” says friend and future three-time world champion Carissa Moore. Nothing could keep Bethany out of the water—not even her fears. When asked before the accident whether she was scared of sharks, a young Bethany admitted that she was. “How do you deal with it?” she was asked. “Just pray,” Bethany said.

    We don’t see the horrific incident that claimed Bethany’s arm—though we do see her surfboard (with a massive, almost cartoonish bite taken out of it) and the little girl in the hospital. But Bethany tells us that in just six days, she was already plotting her return to the ocean—to surf without an arm. The trials she faced to make that return were, of course, enormous. But Unstoppable suggests she didn’t just deal with physical challenges. The shark attack, coupled with Bethany’s iron-strong will to return to surfing, turned the teen into a star. And as a strong, outspoken Christian, it made her a faith-centric role model, too, with all the additional pressures that responsibility entails. But all the media appearances and accolades also took a toll on her ability to compete. She inadvertently became a celebrity first, a surfer second. “I was seeing a lot of my good friends qualifying and winning world titles, and me kind of getting left behind,” she said. “I couldn’t help thinking...

    Unstoppableis not an antiseptic documentary on any level. We see Bethany bleed elsewhere, too. She and other surfers wipe out spectacularly at times. And, as you might expect, loads of bikinis and other skimpy swim outfits are on constant display. There’s a bit of language, as well: In old 2003 news footage of Bethany’s arm-claiming accident, an interview subject lets the f-word fly—an unusual inclusion in a film rated PG. We hear one or two misuses of God’s name, too. But if you can navigate those pressure points, Unstoppableoffers an undeniably inspiring story. We see interviews with Bethany’s obviously loving parents, as well as supportive friends and rivals. We meet Bethany’s husband, Adam, who’s made tons of sacrifices of his own to support Bethany’s surfingand celebrity career. (“I couldn’t be where I am today without the way he’s supported me,” she admits.) We see the sort of positive impact that she’s made on her fans—everyone from starry-eyed little girls to, as Adam says,...

  8. Unstoppable the Film | Bethany Hamilton

    2018 Surfer Poll — WOMEN’S BEST PERFORMANCE: Bethany Hamilton in “Unstoppable” “Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable is the Rocky film for surfers.”-Frank Buckley, KTLA . Want a peek at some of the places where the movie was shot? Then check out my book Be Unstoppable, available now online and wherever books are sold.

  9. BETHANY HAMILTON: UNSTOPPABLE | Movieguide | Movie Reviews ...

    In BETHANY HAMILTON: UNSTOPPABLE, the world-renowned surfer who lost her left arm from a shark attack takes to the screen again in her own documentary. The action-packed movie takes place over six years as it dives into Bethany’s life since the attack. UNSTOPPABLE tells how God gave her indescribable peace after the shark attack.

  10. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable - Interlinc

    Jul 12, 2019 · Bethany’s story has become legendary through the Soul Surfer book and movie. Her worldwide travels have inspired tons of people to overcome their obstacles, and to find life’s meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ.

  11. The unstoppable faith of Soul Surfer Beth Hamilton - Eternity ...

    Bethany Hamilton But, wait, there’s more to Beth Hamilton. “I loved Soul Surfer , but Unstoppable just captures the real me,” explains Hamilton, about a new documentary that reveals her sustained surf career as well as her entry into motherhood and growing in her Christian faith.