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    How do you upload images to Wikipedia?

    Are Wikipedia images public domain?

    What is Wikimedia website?

    What is Wikimedia Commons?

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    Uploading refers to transmitting data from one computer system to another through means of a network. Common methods of uploading include: uploading via web browsers, FTP clients ], and terminals ( SCP / SFTP ). Uploading can be used in the context of (potentially many) clients that send files to a central server.

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    Go to Wikipedia language page. Choose the language you want. You can also choose your native language so that you can understand what's written on Wikipedia better.
    Create an account/Log in. You can't upload files to Wikipedia unless you have an account.
    Click on "Toolbox". Then, click on "Upload file".
    Click on "Click here to Start the Upload Form".
    Choose the file you want to upload.
    You can upload the image you want to Wikipedia's sister project, Wikimedia Commons. It will still appear on Wikipedia. If you are creating or updating an article, using Wikimedia Commons images are the best way to go. In fact, there are efforts to move all images in articles used directly in Wikipedia over to Wikimedia Commons. Copyright laws are enforced in both websites. Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
    Make sure that you choose the right copyright information and provide the information asked truthfully. If you didn't do that and kept choosing wrong copyright information, you might get blocked. Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
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  4. You can still use the plain Special:Upload page to upload files to the English Wikipedia without JavaScript. You are not currently logged in. Sorry, in order to use this uploading script and to upload files, you need to be logged in with your named account.

  5. If you would like to upload an image yourself, you can create an account and after four days and 10 edits you will be autoconfirmed and able to upload files. However, please consider uploading free files over at the Wikimedia Commons (instructions for creating an account there can be found here ).

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