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  1. Upload is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series created by Greg Daniels. [1] The series premiered on May 1, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video and was renewed for a second season. [2] The second season premiered on March 11, 2022; it had seven episodes, three fewer than the first. [3]

    • Premise

      In 2033, humans can "upload" themselves into a virtual...

    • Production

      On September 8, 2017, Amazon announced it had ordered a...

    • Reception

      Upload received positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, the...

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    Uploading refers to transmitting data from one computer system to another through means of a network. [1] Common methods of uploading include: uploading via web browsers, FTP clients ], and terminals ( SCP / SFTP ). Uploading can be used in the context of (potentially many) clients that send files to a central server.

  3. This process was created to allow unregistered users to add new files to Wikipedia with the assistance of experienced Wikipedians. If you would like to upload an image yourself, you can create an account and after four days and 10 edits you will be autoconfirmed and able to upload files.

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    • Go to Wikipedia language page. Choose the language you want. You can also choose your native language so that you can understand what's written on Wikipedia better.
    • Create an account/Log in. You can't upload files to Wikipedia unless you have an account.
    • Click on "Toolbox". Then, click on "Upload file".
    • Click on "Click here to Start the Upload Form".
    • Steps in Uploading A New Image
    • Find Previously uploaded Images
    • Adding Images to Articles
    • Technical Aspects
    • Mini How-To
    • Multiproject Upload
    • See Also

    Determine copyright status

    For uploads to the English Wikipedia, you must first find out whether the image is legal in the United States (where the Wikipedia servers are located). Because of copyright treaties, this may additionally require you to verify the image's copyright in its source country. (A comprehensive explanation of this is at Wikipedia:Non-U.S. copyrights, and simple charts of copyright duration can be found at Wikipedia:Copyright situations by country and Commons:Licensing.) For your own protection, you...

    Procedure to upload

    Only logged in users with autoconfirmed accounts can upload images (meaning that the account must be at least four days old, and the user must have made at least ten edits). If you do not have an account, or you have not been autoconfirmed yet, please see Wikipedia:Files for upload. You can upload an image by using the Upload file link on the left side of the main page under the heading 'Contribute' (which is a link to Special:Upload). On most browsers, you will see a "Browse..." button, whic...

    File formats

    Certain file formats are not accepted on Wikimedia Projects, and may need to be converted to a supported free format prior to uploading. Additionally, some file types produce better results than others. For more information on preferred file formats accepted for sound, video and image files at Wikimedia Commons, see Commons:File types.

    To view or search images previously uploaded directly to English Wikipedia, go to the list of uploaded images.
    Uploads and deletions are logged on the upload log.
    Many images can be categorized in one of the subcategories of Category:Wikipedia images by subject or its parent category Category:Wikipedia images. You may want to check there to see if an image a...

    The procedure for adding images to articles is the same, regardless of whether the image was uploaded to Commonsor directly to English Wikipedia. To make your uploaded file appear in an article, you need to insert it: edit the article and add the syntax [[File:Image name|thumb|Caption]] where you want the file to appear. Important: Image names are ...

    The preferred formats are JPEG for photographic images, SVG for drawings and line-art illustration, PNG for non-vector graphic iconic images, Ogg Vorbis for sound and Ogg Theora for video.Please name your files descriptively to avoid confusion (see below).To include the image in an article, use a link in the form[[File:filename.jpg]] or [[File:file...

    The Upload File Screen, which you will find at Special:Upload, has three fields: 1. The Source Filenamefield has a browse button that lets you choose a file on your computer. 2. The Destination Filename field will contain the filename that links to your image from a Wikipedia article. If JavaScript is enabled, it will be set automatically to the fi...

    Although it is possible to use one image within several Wikipedia articles (of the same Wikimedia project), it is not possible to use an image uploaded to one Wikimedia project (both sister projects like Wikisource and other language Wikipedias) in another one without re-uploading it in each of these projects. For this reason, all free images shoul...

  4. while it is technically possible to upload the image locally to english wikipedia, we recommend against it because 1) it can't be used by other projects, including (for example) other language wikipedias who may want to translate the article and use the image in their language and 2) if you upload it locally and it is properly licensed, it will …

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