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  2. Middle and Upper Paleolithic Tool Traditions | ISS 220: Time ... › iss220-us17-ss2/2017/08 › 11

    Aug 11, 2017 · The Upper Paleolithic had four different tool traditions, the Aurignacian, Gracettian, Solutrean, and Magdalenian. The tools featured in these four subcategories were all used by atomically modern humans and were all bade based tools that were often used for big-game hunting. The tools from the Upper Paleolithic were slightly more complex than those of the Middle Paleolithic and were made using pressure flaking.

  3. Lithic Technology 9 - The Technology of Emerging Homo sapiens, Upper Paleolithic Tool Technologies. As you should know from your readings, the Upper Paleolithic was a period of incredible diversity and technological innovation. Lithic technology also underwent an important change during this time. The trend towards increasing the efficiency of stone tool production reached its pinnacle during this period with the development of Blade Technology and the tools that blade making made possible.

  4. The Important Types of Tools Used During the Upper ... › knowledge › the-important

    1. Aurignacian: Different types given below along with several variations of an ivory lance point form the main features... 2. Perigordian:

  5. Upper Paleolithic Tools Flashcards | Quizlet › 733001 › upper-paleolithic-tools-flash

    To fashion tools from softer materials like wood, bones, reindeer antler, bison horns, mammoth tusks, and other teeth to make for example pins and needles and barbed harpoon tips for fishing How were hafted tools (hammers, axes, and tipped spears and arrows) made? by stringing stone or bone implements to wooden shafts

  6. Guide to the Upper Paleolithic - ThoughtCo › upper-paleolithic-modern

    Jan 17, 2018 · Upper Paleolithic Sites. See Upper Paleolithic Sites in Europe. Israel: Qafzeh Cave, Ohalo II. Egypt: Nazlet Khater. Morocco: Grotte des Pigeons. Australia: Lake Mungo, Devil's Lair, Willandra Lakes. Japan: Sunagawa. Georgia: Dzudzuana Cave. China: Yuchanyan Cave. Americas Daisy Cave, Monte Verde.

  7. Tools Used in the Paleolithic Age | Synonym › tools-used-in-the

    Sep 29, 2017 · Hominids developed the need and use for wooden tools during the Paleolithic Age. Wood was used to form handles for hammers and axes, bows and shafts of arrows, and carved-tip spears. By the end of the Paleolithic Age, hominids were experts at utilizing their environment to create tools. 3 Bone Tools

  8. Upper Paleolithic Culture -Tool-Typology, Life Style, and ... › knowledge › upper

    Upper Paleolithic tool-making appears to have its roots in the Mousterian and post-Acheulian traditions, since flake tools are found in many Upper Paleolithic sites. Numerous blade tools have also been uncovered.

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