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    Menmaatre Seti I (or Sethos I in Greek) was the second pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt during the New Kingdom period, ruling c.1294 or 1290 BC to 1279 BC. He was the son of Ramesses I and Sitre, and the father of Ramesses II.

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    Name. The Egyptian name psmṯk, pronounced as Psamâṯək, was a short form of pꜣ-sꜣ-n-mṯk, meaning "the man of (the Libyan deity) Meṯek.". His name was rendered by the Assyrians as Pishamilki (Akkadian: Pišamilki), by the Ancient Greeks as Psammētikhos (Ψαμμητιχος), and by the Romans as Psammētichus.

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