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    Lugalbanda was a deified Sumerian king of Uruk who, according to various sources of Mesopotamian literature, was the father of Gilgamesh.Early sources mention his consort Ninsun and his heroic deeds in an expedition to Aratta by King Enmerkar.

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    In English-speaking countries, the prevailing scholarly interpretation during the early twentieth century was one originally proposed by Sir Henry Rawlinson, 1st Baronet, which held that Gilgamesh is a "solar hero", whose actions represent the movements of the sun, and that the twelve tablets of his epic represent the twelve signs of the ...

  3. Gilgameš (původně Bilgames, řecky Gilgamos) byl podle Sumerského královského seznamu pátý král Uruku (raně Dynastický II, první dynastie Uruk). Sumerský královský seznam uvádí nejen jeho, ale i jeho otce Lugalbanda.

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