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  1. General tropes. Based on a Great Big Lie: When someone intentionally spins a fictitious story and passes it off as "the truth" to other people.; Conspiracy Theories: Most conspiracy theories are basically (political) urban legends, which allege that mainstream knowledge about various historical or current events are actually fabrications created by the (governmental) authorities, in order to ...

  2. Urban Legend is a 1998 Slasher Movie directed by Jamie Blanks, starring Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Joshua Jackson, Tara Reid, Michael Rosenbaum, Robert Englund, Danielle Harris, Brad Dourif and Loretta Devine. After the vitality boost given by the success of Scream (1996), slashers returned to mainstream media and followers were ...

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  4. This myth even got a Ukrainian counterpart for there is an urban legend about Na dobranich, diti ("Good night, kids") TV Show on the 1st Ukrainian TV Channel back in the 1980s. The anchorperson who acted as Did Panas (Granpa Panas) was drunk and finished a fairy tale with “Otaka huinya, malyata!” (Ukrainian for “What a bunch of bullshit ...

  5. The Urban Legend of Zelda trope as used in popular culture. Every popular game has a rumor around it that is capable of turning it into a urban legend, and … Tropes Media Browse Indexes Forums Videos

  6. Urban Legends: Final Cut is the first sequel to Urban Legend, released in the year 2000. Once again young adults are being killed by a masked figure, this time in a film school setting. Notable as the only movie to date to be directed by noted composer/editor John Ottman (he also worked on this movie in both of his normal capacities).

  7. Mar 09, 2021 · The third film, Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, actually has the urban legend committing the murders. The Candyman series of movies, whose villain is based on the "Bloody Mary" legend. The movie Dead Man On Campus has a plot dealing with the urban legend that you get straight A's in your college classes if your roommate commits suicide.

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