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  1. Jan 25, 2018 · The Giant American History Timeline is a fun and novel approach to creating a timeline. Kids fill out the activity sheets, assemble the timelines, and see how people and events fit together to create the world we know! Your kids will have the historical context to understand history instead of simply regurgitating historical facts!

  2. History Timelines Jamestown Timeline Virginia Colony Timeline Pocahontas Timeline Rhode Island Colony Timeline Colonial America Timeline New Hampshire Colony Timeline More Topics

  3. 1920 Roaring Twenties Prohibition Charles Lindbergh Flight 1930 The Great Depression Empire State Building 1940 World War II 1950 Cold War Korean War Space Race 1960 Civil Rights Movement Vietnam War Man Walks on the Moon 1970 Three Mile Island Watergate Camp David Accords Iran Hostage Crisis 1980 Mount St. Helen's Eruption Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

  4. U.S. History Primary Source Timeline Explore important topics and moments in U.S. history through historical primary sources from the Library of Congress Colonial Settlement, 1600s - 1763 The American Revolution, 1763 - 1783 The New Nation, 1783 - 1815 National Expansion and Reform, 1815 - 1880 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877

  5. Mar 20, 2017 · Read about major events in U.S. History from before 1600 through the present, including presidential elections, the Civil Rights Movement, and more. Before 1600 1600–1799 1800–1849 1850–1899 1900–1949 1950–1999 2000– See also: Exploration of North America U.S. Constitution Primer States by Order of Entry into the Union

  6. Aug 21, 2020 · Kids can draw or cut out photographs and hang them to create a historical timeline that’s easy to rearrange. Learn more: Second Grade Smiles. 8. Use This Printable Road to History Take your students on a road trip through some of the most notable moments in history. Learn more: Sabrina’s History Corner. 9. Craft a Colorful Road Map Timeline

  7. Jan 20, 2020 · History Timeline Printable The CD comes with two printable options for the historical timeline pictures. You can choose one, the other or both! Use it in the binder or make a kids timeline poster! They are the same, except that one has smaller pictures that fit the Timeline Notebook perfectly.

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