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      • Akron crashed at sea during a storm off the coast of New Jersey in the early morning hours of April 4, 1933, after the ship’s tail hit the water. Despite being a U.S. Navy vessel the ship carried no lifejackets, and only one rubber raft, and most of the crew drowned or died of hypothermia in the freezing water. › blog › worst-airship-disaster-history-uss-akron
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    Akron was destroyed in a thunderstorm off the coast of New Jersey on the morning of 4 April 1933, killing 73 of the 76 crewmen and passengers. The accident involved the greatest loss of life in any airship crash. Technical description. Akron under construction in the Goodyear Airdock at Akron, Ohio in November 1930.

    • 5 x Curtiss F9C 'Sparrowhawk', Consolidated N2Y-1, Waco XJW-1
    • Crashed off coast of New Jersey, 4 April 1933
    • 27 October 1931 (commissioned)
  3. Apr 4, 2013 · Posted By: Dan Grossman April 4, 2013. Today is the anniversary of the deadliest airship disaster in history, the crash of the U.S.S. Akron on April 4, 1933. The Akron disaster killed 73 of the 76 men on board, and two additional men were killed when the Navy’s J-3 blimp crashed during a rescue mission to search for Akron survivors.

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  4. Mar 17, 2016 · Published March 17, 2016. Updated November 9, 2023. See the glorious USS Akron airship and learn why this vintage flying vessel's historic crash has now largely been forgotten. The USS Akron flying above the Manhattan skyline in the early 1930s.

  5. A list of the officers, crew, and guests aboard USS Akron when the ship crashed at sea April 3-4, 1933. Of the 76 men aboard Akron, only three survived the crash; their names appear in blue. Six of the men killed in the wreck of the Akron had survived the crash of USS Shenandoah in 1925.

  6. Melvin Vaniman, designer and engineer, steered the ship over Absecon Beach and headed north toward Brigantine. The trip barely began when, in front of the eyes of thousands of horrified sunbathers, 400,000 cubic feet of hydrogen burst into flames. The Akron crashed into the water, killing all five aboard.

  7. Admiral William A. Moffett, killed in the crash of U.S.S. Akron. Shortly after midnight, in the early minutes of April 4, the ship was hit by a series of strong updrafts and downdrafts off the New Jersey coast. Akron rose and fell in the strong winds, and while attempting to climb, the ship’s tail struck the water.

  8. Apr 5, 2016 · The U.S.S. Akron, a helium-filled rigid airship that belonged to the Navy, was trouble from the start. Just a few months after its official maiden voyage on November 2, 1931, the Akron...

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