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  1. Valdemar IV Of Denmark -

    Biography Accession to the throne. He was the youngest son of King Christopher II of Denmark and Euphemia of Pomerania.He spent most of his childhood and youth in exile at the court of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor in Bavaria, after the defeats of his father and the death and imprisonment, respectively, of his two older brothers, Eric and Otto, at the hand of the Holsteiners.

  2. List of the bishops of Schleswig - Wikipedia

    1760–1791: Adam Struensee (Neuruppin, 8 September 1708 – 20 May 1791, Rendsburg), in 1781, after general superintendent Hasselmann of Holstein (ducal share) had died, his ambit also included the formerly ducal Holstein share; General provosts in Duke John's share of the Holstein and Schleswig duchies

  3. Valdemar I of Denmark - Wikipedia,_King_of_Denmark

    Valdemar was the son of Canute Lavard, Duke of Schleswig, the chivalrous and popular eldest son of King Eric I of Denmark.

    • 1154 – 12 May 1182
    • Sweyn III
  4. Royal Deaths from Plague | Unofficial Royalty

    Parents: King Valdemar IV of Denmark and Helvig of Schleswig Married: King Haakon VI of Norway in 1363 Died: October 28, 1412, aged 59, aboard a ship in the harbor of Flensburg, Schleswig, Denmark, now in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  5. October | 2017 | Unofficial Royalty

    Valdemar and Marie were first married in a civil ceremony in Paris, France on October 20, 1885. Two days later, an extravagant religious ceremony and reception were held at the Chateau d ‘ Eu in Normandy, France, the home of Louis Philippe of Orléans, Count of Paris, a cousin of both Marie’s parents.

  6. The Sons of Semiramis - A house of Folkung Kalmar Union ...

    Nov 22, 2020 · His successor Valdemar IV was not even recognized as King of Denmark until 1340, leading the years 1332-1340 to be known as “the kingless time”. From his ascension to the throne until his death, Valdemar managed to reclaim most of the lost Kingdom through a mixture of economic, diplomatic, and military measures.

  7. Christian IV of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Christian IV (12 April 1577 – 28 February 1648) was King of Denmark and Norway and Duke of Holstein and Schleswig from 1588 to 1648. His 59-year reign is the longest of Danish monarchs, and of Scandinavian monarchies.

  8. Christian IX of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Christian IX was born on 8 April 1818 at Gottorf Castle near the town of Schleswig in the Duchy of Schleswig as Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck, the fourth son of Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck, and Princess Louise Caroline of Hesse-Kassel.

  9. An Age of Prosperity, The Kingdom of Denmark | Page 2 ...

    Jan 13, 2017 · Seeing an opportunity to stop the rise of Håkon IV, and Norway as a whole or at least disrupt it, Valdemar II agrees to send 3.000 men under Johannes Ebbesen to support the claim of Sigurd Ribbung, as long as he marries the Danish noble woman Ingeborg Ulfeldt, the daughter of Peder Strangesen of Kalundborg.

  10. Denmark - World

    (j) 19 Feb 1670 - 22 Mar 1777: af Guds Nåde, Konge til Danmark og Norge, de Venders og Goters, Hertug til Slesvig, Holsten, Stormarn og Ditmersken, Greve i Oldenborg og Delmenhorst ("by the Grace of God, King to Denmark and Norway, the Wends and Goths, Duke to Schleswig, Holstein, Stormarn and Ditmarschen, Count in Oldenburg and Delmenhorst");

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