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  1. Valdemar IV of Denmark - Wikipedia

    In the 1330s, Valdemar V, Duke of Schleswig (previous king of Denmark as Valdemar III) made an alliance with Valdemar IV against his uncle, Gerhard III, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg, and arranged a marriage between Valdemar IV and his sister, Helvig of Schleswig.

  2. A Brief history of the twin Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein ...

    Oct 28, 2019 · In November 1202, Duke Valdemar’s elder brother, King Canute VI, died unexpectedly at the age of 40, leaving no heirs. In the 1230s, Southern Jutland (the Duchy of Schleswig) was allotted as an appanage to Abel Valdemarsen (1218 – June 29, 1252) was Duke of Schleswig from 1232 to 1252 and King of Denmark from 1250 until his death in 1252 ...

  3. Family tree of Danish monarchs - Wikipedia's_family_tree

    Valdemar IV Atterdag King of Denmark c.1320-1375 r.1340-1375: Helvig of Schleswig d.1374: Otto Duke of Lolland and Estonia c.1310– after 1346: Margaret of Denmark 1305–1340: Catherine of Anhalt-Bernburg c.1330–1390: Valdemar III King of Denmark 1314-1364 r.1326<-1329: Albert II Duke of Mecklenburg c.1318–1379 r.1329-1379: Christopher ...

  4. Valdemar IV of Denmark | European Royal History

    Posts about Valdemar IV of Denmark written by liamfoley63. Christopher II (September 29, 1276 – August 2, 1332) was King of Denmark from 1320 to 1326 and again from 1329 until his death.

  5. House of Estridsen - Wikipedia

    Valdemar IV "Atterdag" (c. 1320 – 24 October 1375), King of Denmark from 1340, married Helvig, a daughter of Eric II, Duke of Schleswig (see above) Christopher (d. 11 June 1363), Duke of Lolland from 1359

  6. Royal Deaths from Plague | Unofficial Royalty

    Parents: King Valdemar IV of Denmark and Helvig of Schleswig Married: King Haakon VI of Norway in 1363 Died: October 28, 1412, aged 59, aboard a ship in the harbor of Flensburg, Schleswig, Denmark, now in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  7. Monarchy of Denmark - Wikipedia

    The last monarch descended from Valdemar IV, Christopher III of Denmark, died in 1448. Count Christian of Oldenburg, descendant of Sophia, the daughter of Valdemar IV's aunt Richeza of Denmark, Lady of Werle , who was the daughter of Eric V of Denmark , was chosen as his successor and became the next monarch of Denmark, ruling under the name ...

  8. Denmark - World

    GDP: $287.8 billion (2017) Exports ... 24 Oct 1375 Valdemar IV ... Norway, the Wends and Goths King, Duke in Schleswig , Holstein ...

  9. Danish Royal FAQs | Unofficial Royalty

    Before 1953, the Salic Law, which prohibits female succession, was in effect. Queen Margrethe II is the second Danish queen regnant. Queen Margrethe I (1353-1412), daughter of King Valdemar IV of Denmark and wife of King Haakon VI of Norway, ruled as regent for her son Olaf, but he died at age 17.

  10. Christian IX of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Christian IX was born on 8 April 1818 at Gottorf Castle near the town of Schleswig in the Duchy of Schleswig as Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck, the fourth son of Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck, and Princess Louise Caroline of Hesse-Kassel.

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