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  1. History of Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia

    Southern parts of Schleswig had been mortgaged to several German nobles by Duke Henry I, Duke of Schleswig (d. 1375, a son of the former king Valdemar III of Denmark), the last duke of that line. The childless, elderly Henry transferred his rights to his kinsman and brother-in-law King Valdemar IV in 1373.

  2. Monarchy of Denmark - Wikipedia

    The last monarch descended from Valdemar IV, Christopher III of Denmark, died in 1448. Count Christian of Oldenburg, descendant of Sophia, the daughter of Valdemar IV's aunt Richeza of Denmark, Lady of Werle , who was the daughter of Eric V of Denmark , was chosen as his successor and became the next monarch of Denmark, ruling under the name ...

  3. Kingdoms of Northern Europe - Denmark

    Valdemar IV: 1343: The St George's Day Uprising in Estonia sees a revolt defeated by the Livonian Knights, using a mixture of treachery and battle. Three years later, the Danish king sells North Estonia to the Knights. All of Estonia is now ruled by a German nobility class. 1359 - 1361

  4. Schleswig-Holstein Question - 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica

    Thus Schleswig and Holstein mariana, were for the first time united. The union was, indeed, as m . yet precarious. In 1330 Christopher II. was restored to his 1326 throne and Valdemar V. to his duchy, Gerhard having to be content with the reversion in the case of the duke dying without issue. Gerhard, however, was assassinated in 1340 by a Dane ...

  5. Denmark Map, Map of Denmark - Satellite maps

    Sweyn Estridsen's son, Canute IV, raided England for the last time in 1085. He planned another invasion to take the throne of England from an aging William I. He called up a fleet of 1,000 Danish ships, 60 Norwegian long boats, with plans to meet with another 600 ships under Duke Robert of Flanders in the summer of 1086.

  6. Valdemar of Denmark (bishop)

    Valdemar Knudsen (also Waldemar, born in 1158; died 18 July 1236 in Cîteaux) was a Danish clergyman and statesman.Valdemar was Bishop of Schleswig from 1188 to 1208, officiated as Steward of the Duchy of Schleswig between 1184 and 1187, and served as Prince-Archbishop of Bremen from 1192 to 1194 and again between 1206 and 1217.

  7. Saxe-Lauenburg - Wikipedia

    The Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg (German: Herzogtum Sachsen-Lauenburg, called Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) between the 14th and 17th centuries), was a reichsfrei duchy that existed 1296–1803 and 1814–1876 in the extreme southeast region of what is now Schleswig-Holstein.

  8. House of Lusignan

    Map of 12th-century Crusader States. The House of Lusignan at this time controlled the kingdom of Jerusalem, principality of Antioch, and the county of Tripoli. Guy's term as king is generally seen as a disaster; he was defeated by Saladin at the Battle of Hattin in 1187, and was imprisoned in Damascus while Saladin reconquered almost the ...

  9. Map Thread IV | Page 230 |

    May 09, 2008 · Schlewig was a Danish duchy in the precisely the same way Holstein was a German Duchy* in theory, in practice it was much more so because the King of Denmark was also Duke of Schlesvig**. So unless we are adopting the idea that a Duchy isn't part of the country it swear fealthy to, it was part of Denmark.

  10. Valdemar II of Denmark

    Valdemar the Young Eric IV, King of Denmark Sophie, Margravine of Brandenburg Abel, King of Denmark Christopher I, King of Denmark Full name Valdemar Valdemarsen

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