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  1. Death of Elisa Lam - Wikipedia › wiki › Death_of_Elisa_Lam

    23 hours ago · On February 19, 2013, a body was recovered in a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.It was later identified as that of Elisa Lam, also known by her Cantonese name, Lam Ho Yi (藍 可 兒; April 30, 1991 – February 2013), a Canadian student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

    • February 19, 2013, Stay on Main, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
    • Student
    • Accidental drowning
    • January 31, 2013 (aged 21), Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  2. Jackalope - Wikipedia › wiki › Jackalope

    23 hours ago · Mythical creature from American folklore Jackalope Jackalope taxidermy mount in a restaurant in Kansas Grouping Mythological hybrids Sub grouping Fearsome critter The jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore (a fearsome critter) described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. The word jackalope is a portmanteau of jackrabbit and antelope. Many jackalope taxidermy mounts ...

  3. Steve Buscemi - Wikipedia › wiki › Steve_Buscemi

    23 hours ago · Buscemi married Jo Andres in 1987; they were married until her death on 6 January 2019. They had one son Lucian (born 1990). In April 2001 while in Wilmington, North Carolina, shooting the film Domestic Disturbance Buscemi was stabbed multiple times after intervening in a bar fight between Vince Vaughn, Scott Rosenberg, and two local men. He ...

    • 1
    • 1985–present
  4. Only TWO Companies, Vanguard and BlackRock, Control the ... › 2021/05/06 › only-two-companies

    1 day ago · Only TWO Companies, Vanguard And BlackRock, Control The Planet While World’s Richest 1% Own 82% Of World’s Wealth HAF by Alexandra Bruce If you’ve been wondering how the world economy has been hijacked and humanity has been kidnapped by a completely bogus narrative, look no further than this video by Dutch creator, Covid Lie.

  5. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt | › blog › 2021/05/06

    1 day ago · Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a propaganda tactic used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, polling and cults. FUD is generally a strategy to influence percep…

  6. 1 day ago · In addition to supporting the natural language interface with the system, OpenNLP is a powerful library for extracting meaning (semantics) from unstructured data - specifically textual data in an unstructured (or semi structured) format. An example of unstructured data would be the blog post, an article in the New York Times, or a Wikipedia ...

  7. Stemweder Open Air – Wikipedia › wiki › Stemweder_Open_Air

    1 day ago · Veranstalter ist der örtliche Verein für Jugend, Freizeit und Kultur in Stemwede e.V. (JFK), der auch das Life House in Wehdem betreibt. Während sich etwa 50 ehrenamtliche Helfer während des gesamten Jahres mit der Organisation des Festivals beschäftigen, sind auf dem Festival selbst noch etwa 300 zusätzliche ehrenamtliche Helfer im Einsatz.

  8. Conor McGregor rips Floyd Mayweather for brawling with Jake ... › entertainment › conor-mcgregor-rips

    1 day ago · The series always leaned into its B-movie roots: one character was inspired by Jean-Claude Van Damme, another by the China O’Brien star Cynthia Rothrock, and many more by the heroes and villains ...

  9. Volkswagen previews T7 Multivan head of June release › entertainment › volkswagen-previews

    Today · Volkswagen has given us its best look yet at the upcoming T7 Multivan. Since the fourth-generation T4, which shared its bones with the U.S. market's Eurovan, the VW Multivan has had a sloped nose ...

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