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  1. VAT - or Value Added Tax - is charged by businesses at the point of sale of goods and services sold in the UK and the Isle of Man. Basically it is a tax on business transactions. Value Added Tax was introduced in 1973 as a replacement for Purchase Tax and Selective Employment Tax, as a condition of UK entry into the European Economic Community.

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    Related Sales Tax Calculator. What is VAT? VAT (value-added tax) is a type of indirect consumption tax imposed on the value added to goods or services, specifically during different stages of the supply chain, which may include production, wholesale, distribution, supply, or any other stages that add value to a product.

  3. VAT Calculator. Use our quick VAT calculator to work out VAT prices. It will keep a list of your calculations, give you totals for your Gross, Nett and VAT values, and when you are finished you can even download your VAT calculations as a spreadsheet. Enter the VAT Rate, and either the Gross or the Nett price, and It will work out the rest for you!

  4. Use our free VAT Calculator above to calculate your figure inclusive or exclusive of VAT. If you require assistance using the VAT Calculator or have questions surrounding VAT, please scroll down to read our helpful guides.

  5. The VAT Calculator can be used to:-Calculate VAT. Remove VAT from a figure. Work out the VAT on a price or figure. Calculate the VAT inclusive portion of a price for a product or service. Calculate VAT from gross. Calculate VAT backwards (e.g. adding VAT to £1.00 is £1.20, add 20%. Removing VAT is not £0.80 – try the VAT Calculator to see)

  6. VAT calculator usage: Simply enter the gross sum, choose vat calculation operation (include or exclude), tax percentage and press «Calculate» or enter button to calculate VAT amount. By default the online VAT calculator rate is set for UK VAT calculation.

  7. How VAT Calculations Work. Since SARS has set the VAT rate in South Africa to 15%, the calculator uses the decimal representation of 15% (0.15) to automatically add and subtract the VAT portion for any Rand Amount.

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