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    Venice (/ ˈ v ɛ n ɪ s / VEH-niss; Italian: Venezia [veˈnɛttsja] ; Venetian: Venesia or Venexia) is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is built on a group of 118 small islands [4] that are separated by canals and linked by over 400 bridges.

  2. Dalmatian language - Wikipedia › wiki › Dalmatian_language

    Venetian became a major influence on the language as Venetian commercial influence grew. The Chakavian dialect and Dubrovnik Shtokavian dialect of Serbo-Croatian, which were spoken outside the cities since the immigration of the Slavs, gained importance in the cities by the 16th century, and it eventually replaced Dalmatian as the day-to-day ...

  3. Đại Việt - Wikipedia › wiki › Đại_Cồ_Việt

    The indigenous inhabitants in Northern Vietnam of ancient kingdom of Nanyue (c. 204 – 111 BC) were known as the Lạc Việt (Luoyue). In 111 BC, Western Han dynasty (c. 202 BC – 9 AD) conquered Nanyue and incorporated the kingdom into Chinese rules, as known as Giao Chỉ (交趾).

  4. 1410s - Wikipedia › wiki › 1410s

    Home; Random; Nearby; Log in; Settings; Donate; About Wikipedia; Disclaimers; The 1410s decade ran from January 1, 1410, to December 31, 1419.

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  6. Paolo Sarpi - Wikipedia › wiki › Paolo_Sarpi

    Paolo Sarpi (14 August 1552 – 15 January 1623) was a Venetian historian, prelate, scientist, canon lawyer, and statesman active on behalf of the Venetian Republic during the period of its successful defiance of the papal interdict (1605–1607) and its war (1615–1617) with Austria over the Uskok pirates.

  7. Euboea - Wikipedia › wiki › Negropont

    Euboea or Evia (Greek: Εύβοια, Évia, ; Ancient Greek: Εὔβοια, Eúboia, ) is the second-largest Greek island in area and population, after Crete.It is separated from Boeotia in mainland Greece by the narrow Euripus Strait (only 40 m (130 ft) at its narrowest point).

  8. Janissary - Wikipedia › wiki › Jannissary

    According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, "in early days, all Christians were enrolled indiscriminately. Later, those from the territories what is now Albania, Bosnia, and Bulgaria were preferred." The Janissaries were kapıkulları (sing.

  9. 1320s - Wikipedia › wiki › 1320s

    1320. April 8 – King Peter I of Portugal (d. 1367) date unknown. Blanka of Namur, queen consort of Sweden (d. 1363) Chen Youliang, founder of the Great Han regime (d. 1363) John Hawkwood, English mercenary (d. 1394) Iolo Goch, Welsh poet (d. 1398) Shams al-Dīn Abū Abd Allāh al-Khalīlī, Arab astronomer (d. 1380) Lalleshwari, Hindu poet (d ...

  10. Nougat - Wikipedia › wiki › Nougat

    Varieties of nougat are found in Milky Way, Reese's Fast Break, Snickers, Double Decker, ZERO bars, and Baby Ruth bars. Whipped nougat is the featured ingredient in the 3 Musketeers bar. In Britain, nougat is traditionally made in the style of the southern European varieties, and is commonly found at fairgrounds and seaside resorts.

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