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  1. Transformer - Wikipedia › wiki › Transformer

    5 days ago · In 1891, Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla coil, an air-cored, dual-tuned resonant transformer for producing very high voltages at high frequency. [79] Audio frequency transformers (" repeating coils ") were used by early experimenters in the development of the telephone .

  2. Transformer types - Wikipedia › wiki › Transformer_types

    May 02, 2021 · There are several types of transformer used in radio frequency (RF) work. Laminated steel is not suitable for RF. Air-core transformer. These are used for high frequency work. The lack of a core means very low inductance. All current excites current and induces secondary voltage which is proportional to the mutual inductance.

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  4. Wireless power transfer - Wikipedia › wiki › Wireless_energy_transfer

    6 days ago · Wireless power transfer is a generic term for a number of different technologies for transmitting energy by means of electromagnetic fields. The technologies, listed in the table below, differ in the distance over which they can transfer power efficiently, whether the transmitter must be aimed (directed) at the receiver, and in the type of electromagnetic energy they use: time varying electric ...

  5. Skin effect - Wikipedia › wiki › Skin_effect

    3 days ago · Litz wire is often used in the windings of high-frequency transformers to increase their efficiency by mitigating both skin effect and proximity effect. Large power transformers are wound with stranded conductors of similar construction to litz wire, but employing a larger cross-section corresponding to the larger skin depth at mains frequencies.

  6. Antenna tuner - Wikipedia › wiki › Pi_network

    May 02, 2021 · Antenna tuner, matching network, matchbox, transmatch, antenna tuning unit (ATU), antenna coupler, and feedline coupler are all equivalent names for a device connected between a radio transmitter and its antenna, to improve power transfer between them by matching the load impedance of the radio to the combined input impedance of the feedline and the antenna.

  7. Low-voltage differential signaling - Wikipedia › wiki › Low-voltage_differential

    3 days ago · However, high-quality shielded twisted pair cables must be used together with elaborate connector systems for cabling. An alternative is the use of coaxial cables. Studies have shown that it is possible in spite of the simplified transfer medium dominate both emission and immunity in the high frequency range.

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