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  1. very adjective [before noun] (FARTHEST POINT) used to describe or emphasize the farthest point of something: He found the piece of paper he had lost at the very bottom of the pile. We were at the very end of the line, so we didn't manage to get any tickets. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

  2. adverb. in a high degree; extremely; exceedingly: A giant is very tall. (used as an intensive emphasizing superlatives or stressing identity or oppositeness): the very best thing; in the very same place as before. adjective, (Obsolete) ver·i·er, ver·i·est. precise; particular: That is the very item we want.

  3. Britannica Dictionary definition of VERY. 1. : to a great degree : extremely — used for emphasis before adjectives and adverbs. a very hot day. very accurate results. a very small/large number/amount. Very few people attended. It was a very unusual/difficult situation. He talks very slowly.

  4. uk / ˈveri / us. A1. used to emphasize an adjective or adverb: She was very pleased. Marie speaks very slowly. Thank you very much. More examples. She tried very hard but she wasn't quite fast enough. It's very valuable so put it somewhere safe.

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  6. May 23, 2017 · name of a group of shrubs or herbs with spiky flowers and thick leaves, yielding bitter juice which was used as a purgative drug, late 14c., originally in reference to the drug, from Latin aloe, from Greek aloē, which is of uncertain origin, probably a loan-word from an Oriental language. A secondary sense is older in English: "Fragrant resin or heartwood of an East Indian tree" (Old English alewe, aloe ), which is from misuse of Latin/Greek aloe in Biblical translations for Hebrew akhalim ...

  7. (= precise, exact) → genau; that very day/moment → genau an diesem Tag/in diesem Augenblick; in the very middle of the picture → genau in der Mitte des Bildes; this laboratory is the very heart of our factory → dieses Labor ist der Kern unseres Werkes; at the very heart of the organization → direkt im Zentrum der Organisation; on the very spot where … → genau an der Stelle, wo …; those were his very words → genau das waren seine Worte; before my very eyes → direkt vor ...

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