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  1. Vicipaedia

    Vicipaedia est opus commune quo encyclopaedia libera interretialis creatur. Tu quoque adiuvare potes. Ecce taberna nostra et legatio , in quibus poteris quamlibet linguam adhibere.

  2. Latin Wikipedia - Wikipedia

    The Latin Wikipedia (Latin: Vicipaedia Latina) is the Latin language edition of Wikipedia, created in May 2002. As of February 2021, it has about 135,000 articles. While all primary content is in Latin, modern languages such as English, Italian, French, German or Spanish are often used in discussions, since many users (usores) find this easier.

  3. Vicipaedia:Taberna - Vicipaedia

    Brought back from the archive The concept of group (distinct from subspecies) is official in botany, and Vicipaedia has a few articles (and categories) that need regularizing to accommodate it. An example of the prescribed pattern is given and parenthetically explained in Wikipedia thus:

  4. Vicipaedia - Vicipaedia

    Vide etiam paginam discretivam:Vicipaedia (discretiva) Insigne Vicipaediae, globus cum signis e variis scribendi systematibus. Vicipaediaest encyclopaediafontium apertoruminterretialisac contentis liberaatque gratuita linguis multisscripta quam omnibus hominibuslicet scribere recensereque.

  5. Veni, Vidi, Wiki: Latin Isn't Dead On 'Vicipaedia' - WSJ

    Sep 29, 2007 · Vicipaedia is a labor of love for a small group of Latin buffs and weekend philologists whose motto might well be "What would Julius do?" Their goal is a Latin reference work that is hip and alive...

    • Lee Gomes
  6. Vicipaedia:Taberna/Tabularium 19 - Vicipaedia

    Latin Vicipaedia is one of the largest Wikipedias, in fact: we are 46th in the official list by number of pages, which puts us in the top 1/6th -- ahead of Greek, Tamil, Yoruba, and Bengali (picking a few languages with lots of native speakers). We have more active users (official definition: someone who's made at least one edit in the past 30 ...

  7. Wikipedia in latino - Wikipedia

    (Reindirizzamento da Vicipaedia) Wikipedia in latino (spesso abbreviata in la.wikipedia o, in lingua originale Vicipaedia Latina o semplicemente Vicipaedia) è l'edizione dell'enciclopedia Wikipedia in lingua latina. Le pagine sono solo in latino, ma le discussioni si possono trovare anche in altre lingue.


    Allogy: signa causas, Vicipaedia, curatio Quodlaude E t terminu , quod refer ponte naturae lingua quando loquebatur ad indigentiam. Tamquam principali alubria chizophrenia olet; et in hoc contextu, tat in negan docebo.

  9. Litterae Latinae Vicipaedia - Free Photos

    Litterae Latinae Vicipaedia. Litterae latinae youtube milan budimir poklanjam kupindo com cap 18 lēctiō 1 llpsi: pars i memrise dr (12163161)

  10. Le Nozze Di Figaro Ossia La Folle Giornata Italian Edition By ...

    Di Figaro Vicipaedia Le nozze di Figaro Yale College Arts February 1st, 2020 - Le nozze di Figaro ossia la folle giornata by W A Mozart The Opera Theatre of Yale College will perform Mozart’s beloved edy “The Marriage of Figaro” in Harkness Auditiorium at the Yale Medical School' 'le nozze di figaro il maggiore verbania

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