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  1. Tour Vicksburg in Three Days. Vicksburg was the culmination of one of the most brilliant military campaigns of the Western Theater and of the entire war. Grant’s successful siege, leading to the city’s surrender by Confederate commander Pemberton, effectively split the Confederacy in two – and also boosted Grant’s profile in Washington.

  2. Whether you are a Civil War buff or not, this is a must-see. The hundreds of monuments, busts, and sculptures are museum quality. There are 16 miles of drivable or hiking trails. The visitors center, restrooms, and shop were closed due to Covid-19. The park is on the original site of the siege of Vicksburg.

  3. Established in 1866 by an act of Congress, Vicksburg National Cemetery has the largest number of Civil War interments of any national cemetery in the country. Of the approximately 17,000 interments, however, only 5,000 are identified.

  4. Vicksburg's best known contribution to American history is probably the part she played in the epic known as the Civil War. In 1859, the Mississippi state convention adopted an official resolution calling for immediate secession from the Union if an abolitionist was elected president.

  5. Apr 2022. This museum is a gem. It covers much more than the Civil War, with many superb exhibits on the black experience in the South before, during, and after the Civil War. The founder of the museum is on the premises and does a great job of explaining and supplementing the information in the exhibits. Written June 17, 2022.

  6. To learn more about Vicksburg’s role in the Civil War, head to the Old Depot Museum to view an expansive diorama of the Siege of Vicksburg. Stop by the Civil War Museum which features a diverse collection of artifacts from that era, and then take in the USS Cairo , a Union gunboat that sunk in 1862 and is now displayed at Vicksburg National ...

  7. Mar 31, 2021 · Total Union strength at the Battle of Vicksburg began at about ~44,000 and grew to nearly ~77,000 by the end of the siege. Meanwhile the Confederacy only mustered ~33,000 troops. As was the case for most Civil War battles, the Union enjoyed a superior numerical advantage. Union forces suffered a total of ~4,910 casualties.

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