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      • Businessman, Folk Figure. Along with Miep Gies, Johannes Kleiman, and Elisabeth "Bep" Voskuijl (Elli Vossen), he helped hide Anne Frank; her family (father Otto, mother Edith, sister Margot); Fritz Pfeffer; and Hermann, Auguste, and Peter Van Pels from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II., Folk Figure. Along with Miep Gies, Johannes,the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II.
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  2. Victor Kugler | Anne Frank House

    Other than that, Victor and Johannes Kleiman mainly concentrated on keeping the companies Opekta and Gies & Co running. He generated additional cash by selling batches of spices and not entering them in the official accounts. He often brought the people in hiding newspapers and magazines.

  3. Johannes Kleiman - Wikipedia

    Johannes Kleiman became a member of the board of Opekta and the company was established at his home address for the next five months until it moved to Prinsengracht 263 at the end of 1940. He officially joined as bookkeeper for both Opekta and Pectacon, with Victor Kugler and secretary Bep Voskuijl for Pectacon, and Otto Frank and his secretary Miep Gies for Opekta.

    • Dutch
    • Mr. Koophuis
  4. Johannes Kleiman | Anne Frank House

    “When Mr. Kleiman enters the room, the sun begins to shine!” Mummy said only recently, and she is quite right.’ When the eight people in hiding were discovered in August 1944, Johannes and Victor Kugler were also arrested. Together, they were taken to prison.

  5. Victor Kugler - Wikipedia

    Victor Kugler (5 June 1900 – 14 December 1989) was one of the people who helped hide Anne Frank and her family and friends during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.In Anne Frank's posthumously published diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, he was referred to under the name Mr. Kraler.

    • Austrian, at birth; then, Dutch; later, Canadian
    • Mr Kraler
  6. BBC - The Diary of Anne Frank - Biographies

    Dec 17, 2008 · On August 4 1944, the security police raided the offices of Pectacon, arresting Victor and fellow director Johannes Kleiman, along with the annex inhabitants. They were taken to Gestapo...

  7. Miep Gies, Hero of the Holocaust -

    Their names were Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman, Bep Voskuijl, Johannes Hendrik Voskuijl, Jan Gies and Miep Gies. Miep Gies died Jan. 11, 2010, five years ago, and at age 100 she was the last of...

  8. Miep Gies :: Helping the hiders in the Secret Annex the hiders in the...

    Pectacon would henceforth be called Gies & Co. Victor Kugler was appointed executive director and Johannes Kleiman became managing director of the Nederlandsche Opekta company. All of the company staff were on very friendly terms with each other. Otto Frank would continue to run the company from the Secret Annex.

  9. Miep Gies :: After the betrayal and after the war the betrayal and after...

    After the betrayal and after the war. Prinsengracht 263, May 1941, with (from left to right) Victor Kugler, Bep Voskuijl Miep Gies & 2 staff members. During the period that the families Frank and Van Pels were in hiding, Victor Kugler and Johannes Kleiman ran Otto Frank's company. Otto Frank advised them from the Secret Annex, and in that way Mr. van Pels also remained involved with the business.

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