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  1. Vienna Central Cemetery. The Vienna Central Cemetery ( German: Wiener Zentralfriedhof) is one of the largest cemeteries in the world by number of interred, and is the most well-known cemetery among Vienna 's nearly 50 cemeteries. The cemetery's name is descriptive of its significance as Vienna's biggest cemetery, not of its geographic location ...

    • 1863
    • 2.4 square kilometres (590 acres)
    • over 330,000 graves
    • Simmering, Vienna, Austria
  2. The Vienna Central Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in the world by number of interred, and is the most well-known cemetery among Vienna's...

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  4. The Central Cemetery is one of the most magical places in Vienna. Waiting to be discovered here are graves of honor from Beethoven to Falco, fantastic Art Nouveau architecture as well as abundant lush greenery that makes the cemetery a popular local recreation area. The Central Cemetery, which opened in 1874, is much more than just a last ...

  5. Zentralfriedhof cemetery, the largest cemetery in Vienna Austria was conceived in 1869 and designed in 1870 according to the plans of the Frankfurt landscape architects Karl Jonas Mylius and Alfred Friedrich Bluntschli who received awards for their project .

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  6. Secrets Of Vienna’s Central Cemetery Tour Details. The Central Cemetery is a place full of secrets and mysteries! Although we will pass by the tombs of some of the famous individuals buried there, our focus is on the forgotten personalities off the “tourist trails” who are also the most exciting ones.

    • The Graves
    • What Famous People Are Buried Here?
    • How to Find The Honorary Graves
    • How to Get to The Cemetery

    Inside the Zentralfriedhof, no neon signs point to the most interesting graves and crypts, which is fair enough: this is a working cemetery and not primarily a tourist attraction. (Though there is a shop and café.) The cemetery has its own published guides available, but I’ve pulled together some of the more recognisable names for you with directions added at the end. So if you wish to pay your respects to Beethoven, for example, read on. Most (but not all) of the famous graves reside in special clusters of so-called Ehrengräber (honorary graves). The award of an Ehrengrab in the Zentralfriedhof is a particular honour bestowed by the city, and the cemetery has dozens.

    All the post-WWII Austrian presidents have their last resting place in the Zentralfriedhof. As do numerous composers, artists, industrialists, and others who made significant contributions to Austria and/or Vienna. Many names might not mean much outside the country or city. But plenty have indeed left an indelible impression on world history. For example…

    First off, familiarize yourself with the cemetery’s broad layout using this map. You should enter through the main entrance (called “Tor 2” – bottom center of the map, where the red 2 is). Tor 2 is a stop on tram 71 that leaves from the city centre. There are four main sections dedicated to Ehrengräber, labelled group 32A, group 32C, group 33G and group 40. To find them, go through Tor 2 and carry on straight ahead on the avenue towards the large Jugendstil church you can see in the distance and between the large stone arcades: The second section on the left after the arcades is Group 32A. The Präsidentengruft is directly ahead of you, just before the church. To its left are groups 32C and 33G. To find group 40, go west from the Präsidentengruft and keep on going until you find it. All the groups are labeled with small signs and the more “important” ones have a map on display on a nearby noticeboard with their full layout and the names of each occupant.

    For travel directions, see the main cemeteryarticle. Address: Zentralfriedhof, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234, 1110 Vienna

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