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  1. In the 17th century, a group of Chinese monks led by Nguyên Thiều established a vigorous new school, the Lâm Tế, which is the Vietnamese pronunciation of Linji. A more domesticated offshoot of Lâm Tế, the Liễu Quán school, was founded in the 18th century and has since been the predominant branch of Vietnamese Thiền.

  2. Buddhism in Vietnam ( Đạo Phật or Phật Giáo in Vietnamese ), as practiced by the ethnic Vietnamese, is mainly of the Mahayana tradition and is the main religion. Buddhism may have first come to Vietnam as early as the 3rd or 2nd century BCE from the Indian subcontinent or from China in the 1st or 2nd century CE.

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  4. Thích Nhất Hạnh (/ ˈ t ɪ k ˈ n j ʌ t ˈ h ʌ n /; Vietnamese: [tʰǐk̟ ɲə̌t hâjŋ̟ˀ] (); born as Nguyễn Xuân Bảo on 11 October 1926) is a Vietnamese Thiền Buddhist monk, peace activist, and founder of the Plum Village Tradition, historically recognized as the main inspiration for engaged Buddhism.

  5. Chinese dramas are often dubbed, by professional voice actors. It usually takes one month to do the dubbing for 30 to 40 episodes, in post-production.Popular voice actors may dub several series a year, often resulting in drama fans recognizing their voices. There are several reasons why actors would be dubbed in Chinese television dramas.

  6. 1964. A Yank in Viet-Nam (Year of the Tiger) Marshall Thompson. Marshall Thompson, Kiều Chinh, Mario Barri, Enrique Magalona. English Feature Film. It was filmed entirely in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. 1965. Le ciel, la terre (The Sky, The Earth) Joris Ivens.

  7. The following is a list of Chinese films first released in 2014. There were 308 Chinese feature films released in China in 2014.

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