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  1. Truyền thuyết tình yêu Thần Nước. (Legend of the Water God's love) 1991. Hồng Bàng Period. Văn Lang (Vietnam) About the legend of Sơn Tinh – Thủy Tinh . Thạch Sanh. 1995. Hồng Bàng Period.

  2. 1958. The Quiet American. Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Audie Murphy, Michael Redgrave, Giorgia Moll. English Feature Film. This was the first American feature film shot in Vietnam and was considered by some to be an American propaganda film. 1959. Chung một giòng sông (Together on the Same River) Nguyễn Hồng Nghị.

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    Nhất Hạnh was born Nguyễn Xuân Bảo on October 11, 1926, into a large family in the ancient imperial capital of Huế in Central Vietnam.

    At age 16, Nhất Hạnh entered the monastery at nearby Từ Hiếu Temple, where his primary teacher was Zen Master Thanh Quý Chân Thật. A graduate of Báo Quốc Buddhist Academy in Central Vietnam, Nhất Hạnh received training in Vietnamese traditions of Mahayana Buddhism, as well as Vietnamese Thiền, and received full ordination as a Bhikkhuin 1951. In 1961, Nhất Hạnh went to study at the Princeton Theological Seminary, and was subsequently appointed lecturer in Buddhism at Columbia University. By then he had gained fluency in French, Classical Chinese, Sanskrit, Pali and English, in addition to his native Vietnamese. In 1963, he returned to Vietnam to aid his fellow monks in their nonviolent peace efforts. On May 1, 1966, at Từ Hiếu Temple, he received the "lamp transmission" from Zen Master Chân Thật, making him a dharmacharya (teacher).Nhất Hạnh is now the spiritual head of the Từ Hiếu Pagoda and associated monasteries.

    Lá Bối Press

    Nhất Hạnh founded Lá Bối Press with the purpose of spreading the Sanghaand Buddhism into daily life, promoting them in various art forms: sutras, study books, video lectures (DVDs), chanting and sutra music (CDs). The press was active for many years. It is now closed but expects to reopen.

    Vạn Hanh Buddhist University

    Nhất Hạnh founded the Vạn Hanh Buddhist University, a private institution that taught Buddhist studies, Vietnamese culture, and languages, in Saigon. He taught Buddhist psychology and prajnaparamitaliterature there.

    School of Youth for Social Service

    Nhất Hạnh founded the School of Youth for Social Service (SYSS), a neutral corps of Buddhist peace workers who went into rural areas to establish schools, build healthcare clinics, and help rebuild villages. He left for the U.S. shortly afterwards, leaving Sister Chân Không in charge of the SYSS. It was a result of Engaged Buddhism to promote mindfulness and self-healing during Vietnam War. After founding SYSS and leaving for the U.S., Nhất Hạnh was not allowed to return to Vietnam. Chân Khôn...


    Nhất Hạnh's approach has been to combine a variety of teachings of Early Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhist traditions of Yogācāra and Zen, and ideas from Western psychology to teach mindfulness of breathing and the four foundations of mindfulness, offering a modern light on meditation practice. His presentation of the Prajnaparamita in terms of "interbeing" has doctrinal antecedents in the Huayan school of thought,which "is often said to provide a philosophical foundation" for Zen. Nhất Hạnh comple...

    Names applied to him

    The Vietnamese name Thích (釋) is from "Thích Ca" or "Thích Già" (釋迦, "of the Shakya clan"). All Buddhist monastics in East Asian Buddhism adopt this name as their surname, implying that their first family is the Buddhist community. In many Buddhist traditions, there is a progression of names a person can receive. The first, the lineage name, is given when a person takes refuge in the Three Jewels. Nhất Hạnh's lineage name is Trừng Quang (澄光, "Clear, Reflective Light"). The next is a dharma na...

    Declaration of religious leaders against modern-day slavery

    In 2014, major Jewish, Islamic (Muslim), Hindu, Buddhist, Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox Christian leaders met to sign a shared commitment against modern-day slavery; the declaration they signed calls for the elimination of slavery and human trafficking by 2020. Nhất Hạnh was represented by Chân Không.

    A Pebble for Your Pocket, Full Circle Publishing, 2001, ISBN 81-7621-188-5
    Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames, Riverhead Trade, 2002, ISBN 1-57322-937-7
    At Home in the World: Stories and Essential Teachings from a Monk's Life, with Jason Deantonis (Illustrator), Parallax Press, 2016, ISBN 1941529429
    The Moon Bamboo, Parallax Press, 1989, ISBN 0938077201

    Nobel laureate Martin Luther King Jr. nominated Nhất Hạnh for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967. The prize was not awarded that year.Nhất Hạnh was awarded the Courage of Conscience award in 1991. Nhất Hạnh received 2015's Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award. In November 2017, the Education University of Hong Kongconferred an honorary doctorate upon Nhất Hạnh for his "lifelong contributions to the promotion of mindfulness, peace and happiness across the world". As he was unable to attend the ceremony in Hong Kong, a simple ceremony was held on August 29, 2017, in Thailand, where John Lee Chi-kin, vice-president (academic) of EdUHK, presented the honorary degree certificate and academic gown to Nhất Hạnh on the university's behalf.


    Nhất Hạnh has been featured in many films, including The Power of Forgiveness, shown at the Dawn Breakers International Film Festival. He also appears in the 2017 documentary Walk with Me directed by Marc J Francis and Max Pugh, and supported by Oscar-winner Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Filmed over three years, Walk With Me focuses on the Plum Village monastics' daily life and rituals, with Benedict Cumberbatch narrating passages from "Fragrant Palm Leaves" in voiceover. The film was released...

    Graphic novel

    Along with Alfred Hassler and Chân Không, Nhất Hạnh is the subject of the 2013 graphic novel The Secret of the 5 Powers.

  4. Kṣitigarbha (or in Japanese, Jizō) statue at Osorezan ( Mt. Osore ), Aomori. In Japan, Kṣitigarbha, known as Jizō, or respectfully as Ojizō-sama, is one of the most loved of all Japanese divinities. His statues are a common sight, especially by roadsides and in graveyards.

    • ក្សិតិគភ៌, (khse-te-koa)
    • 地藏菩薩; 地藏菩萨, (Pinyin: Dìzàng Púsà)
    • क्षितिगर्भ, Kṣitigarbha
    • 지장보살, (RR: Jijang Bosal)
  5. The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2009) The Vigilantes In Masks (2010) The Patriotic Knights (2010) Invincible Knights Errant (2011) Kong Que Ling (2011) Twin of Brothers (2011) All Men Are Brothers (2011) The Bride with White Hair (2012) The Legend of Chu Liuxiang (2012)

  6. CN¥120 million. Box office. US$235.9 million (CN¥1.47 billion) Youth ( Chinese: 芳华; pinyin: Fānghuá) is a 2017 Chinese coming-of-age drama film directed by Feng Xiaogang and written by Geling Yan. It was screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. It was scheduled to be released in ...

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