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  1. Truyền thuyết tình yêu Thần Nước. (Legend of the Water God's love) 1991. Hồng Bàng Period. Văn Lang (Vietnam) About the legend of Sơn Tinh – Thủy Tinh . Thạch Sanh. 1995. Hồng Bàng Period.

  2. This is a list of Vietnamese films which were released in 2014: This list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items. (February 2010) Title. Director. Cast. Genre. Notes. Battle of the Brides 2 (Cô dâu đại chiến 2)

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  4. Story of Yanxi Palace. Story of Yanxi Palace ( Chinese: 延禧攻略) is a Chinese period drama series recounting the struggles of a palace maid in the court of the Qianlong Emperor. It was created by Yu Zheng, with original screenplay written by Zhou Mo, and later developed into a novel by Xiao Lian Mao. Starring Wu Jinyan, Charmaine Sheh, Qin ...

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    • Yu Zheng
    • July 7 –, August 26, 2018
    • iQiyi, Zhejiang TV
  5. 1964. A Yank in Viet-Nam (Year of the Tiger) Marshall Thompson. Marshall Thompson, Kiều Chinh, Mario Barri, Enrique Magalona. English Feature Film. It was filmed entirely in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. 1965. Le ciel, la terre (The Sky, The Earth) Joris Ivens.

  6. The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2009) The Vigilantes In Masks (2010) The Patriotic Knights (2010) Invincible Knights Errant (2011) Kong Que Ling (2011) Twin of Brothers (2011) All Men Are Brothers (2011) The Bride with White Hair (2012) The Legend of Chu Liuxiang (2012)

  7. a list of bad ass war, action, drama and documentary movies on nam. vietnam war a bloody conflict in south east asia (1964-75). it was a savage war fought in an uneasy cold war time. 1960s & 70s were turbulent times for america. people didn't trust their leaders - esp president johnson & nixon. it was a conflict nobody in america wants to remember.

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