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    Thiền Buddhism (Vietnamese: Thiền Tông, 禪宗, IPA: [tʰîən təwŋm]) is the Vietnamese version of Zen Buddhism. Thiền is the Sino-Vietnamese pronunciation of the Middle Chinese word 禪 ( chán ), an abbreviation of 禪那 ( chánnà ), which is a transliteration of the Sanskrit word dhyāna (" meditation ").

  2. Shikantaza - Wikipedia › wiki › Shikantaza

    Shikantaza (只管打坐) is a Japanese translation of a Chinese term for zazen introduced by Rujing, a monk of the Caodong school of Zen Buddhism, to refer to a practice called "Silent Illumination", or "Serene Reflection", by previous Caodong masters.

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  4. Chinese television drama - Wikipedia › wiki › Chinese_television_drama

    Chinese dramas are often dubbed, by professional voice actors. It usually takes one month to do the dubbing for 30 to 40 episodes, in post-production.Popular voice actors may dub several series a year, often resulting in drama fans recognizing their voices. There are several reasons why actors would be dubbed in Chinese television dramas.

  5. Hua Tou - Wikipedia › wiki › Hua_Tou

    Hua Tou (話頭, Korean: hwadu, Japanese: wato) is part of a form of Buddhist meditation known as Gongfu 工夫 (not to be confused with the Martial Arts 功夫 ) common in the teachings of Chan Buddhism, Korean Seon and Rinzai Zen.

  6. Hara Tanzan - Wikipedia › wiki › Hara_Tanzan

    Hara Tanzan (原坦山) (December 5, 1819 – July 27, 1892) was a Soto Buddhist monk, head monk at the Saijoji temple in Odawara and a professor of Philosophy at the University of Tokyo during the Bakumatsu and Meiji periods.

  7. Linji Yixuan - Wikipedia › wiki › Linji_Yixuan

    Information on Linji is based on the Línjì yǔlù (臨濟語錄; Japanese: Rinzai-goroku), the Record of Linji.The standard form of these sayings was not completed until 250 years after Linji's death and likely reflect the teaching of Chán in the Linji school at the beginning of the Song Dynasty rather than those of Linji's in particular.

  8. Korean drama - Wikipedia › wiki › Korean_drama

    The drama also spurred interest about Korea, shown by China's increased consumption of Korean products such as Chi Maek (chicken and beer) and Korean cosmetics. Due to the success of Korean dramas in China, some dramas have been compiled to create feature-length films by combining all episodes into one film.

  9. Hoa people - Wikipedia › wiki › Hoa_people

    Sporadic Chinese migration into Vietnam continued between the 9th and 15th centuries AD. The Vietnamese court during the Lý Dynasty and the Trần Dynasty welcomed ethnic Chinese scholars and officials to fill into its administrative and bureaucratic ranks, but these migrants had to renounce their Chinese identity and assimilate into Vietnamese society.

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