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    Vietnam (Vietnamese: Việt Nam [vîət nāːm] ⓘ), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV), is a country at the eastern edge of mainland Southeast Asia, with an area of about 331,000 square kilometres (128,000 sq mi) and a population of over 100 million, making it the world's fifteenth-most populous country.

  2. Wikipedia tiếng Việt là phiên bản tiếng Việt của Wikipedia. Website lần đầu kích hoạt vào tháng 11 năm 2002 và chỉ có bài viết đầu tiên của dự án là bài Internet Society. Wikipedia tiếng Việt không có thêm bài viết nào cho đến tháng 10 năm 2003 khi Trang Chính ra mắt.

  3. Vietnamization. Vietnamese has borrowed many words many different languages, including Chinese, French, and English. Words like taxi, sushi, selfie, and TV are common words used by most languages. Until not long ago, the spelling of loanwords is changed so Vietnamese speakers can say it more easily.

  4. The Vietnamese are one of the four main groups of Vietic speakers in Vietnam, the others being the Mường, Thổ, and Chứt people. They are related to the Gin people, a minority ethnic group in China.

  5. The Vietnamese Wikipedia (Vietnamese: Wikipedia tiếng Việt) is the Vietnamese-language edition of Wikipedia. This edition was started in November 2002. It is the 11th largest edition by article count. As of February 2024, it has about 1,291,000 articles. References. ↑

  6. Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country on Mainland Southeast Asia and has great ethnolinguistic diversity. Vietnam's demography consists of 54 different ethnicities belonging to five major ethnolinguistic families: Austronesian, Austroasiatic, Hmong-Mien, Kra-Dai, Sino-Tibetan.

  7. The Vietnamese are a group of people with their own culture living in Southeast Asia. Most Vietnamese live in the country of Vietnam, although there are many Vietnamese people living in other places. Many Vietnamese people speak Vietnamese.

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