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    Vincent Clair Gair (25 February 1901 – 11 November 1980) was an Australian politician. He served as Premier of Queensland from 1952 until 1957, when his stormy relations with the trade union movement saw him expelled from the Labor Party. He was elected to the Australian Senate and led the Democratic Labor Party from 1965 to 1973.

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    Gair was born in Rockhampton to a Scottish father and an Irish mother, and was raised a Catholic. [1] His parents were founding members of the Labor Party in Queensland in the 1890s. He began work with the Department of Railways upon the family's move to Dutton Park, Brisbane[2] and in 1916 he joined the Australian Labor Party (ALP). He married Flo...

    The Queensland state electorate of South Brisbane was held from 1929 to 1932 by Neil MacGroarty, Attorney-General in the government of Arthur Moore. MacGroarty was influential in creating the Mungana Royal Commission to destroy the political career of Ted Theodore,[3] and reportedly incurred the displeasure of the influential Catholic Archbishop of...

    Under Gair’s premiership, reforms were carried out in worker’s compensation, sick leave, and annual leave. Long-service leave was also introduced, while the government’s price controls enabled workers in Queenslanders to enjoy the highest real wages (adjusted for prices) in Australia.[5] Gair came into conflict with Bukowski when the AWU in 1955 be...

    Although he was no longer Premier, Gair continued to lead the QLP, which was reduced to 11 members after the 1957 election. However, he was defeated at South Brisbane at the 1960 state election.[1] In 1962 the QLP merged with the Democratic Labor Party, which had previously been largely inactive in Queensland. Gair unsuccessfully contested the Sena...

    On his election to the Senate, he became the federal DLP's leader, a post he held until 1973.[1] During his time in the Senate he advocated a strong defence and foreign policy based on anti-Communism.[1] The DLP generally sought the middle ground on domestic issues. Gradually his anti-Communist views became outdated but he stubbornly refused to mod...

    Gair took up his post in Ireland. During his tenure, he got into numerous rows with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and other ambassadors. Several female staffers resigned to protest his frequently inappropriate (and often alcohol-induced) behavior. He also frequently criticised Opposition Leader Billy Snedden. After the Fraser government t...

    Gair Park in Dutton Park, Brisbane, is named after Gair. The park is a triangular "garden of remembrance" with a Cenotaph, and was opened in 25 April 1951.[2]

    Gair in political cartoon, 1974: Gair leaves Australia, and the DLP, for Ireland. Cartoon by Australian political cartoonist Pickering.

    Costar, Brian. "Vincent Clare Gair: Labor's Loser". In Murphy D, Joyce R, Cribb M, and Wear, R (Ed.), The Premiers of Queensland pp. 268–285. Brisbane: University of Queensland Press. ISBN 0-7022-3...

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    In Queensland, Vince Gairbecame Labor leader and premier in 1952. The Central Executive of the ALP expelled Gair on 24 April 1957 because of his support of the Groupers. A total of 25 Labor MLAs left the party with him, including all the Cabinet except Deputy Premier Jack Duggan, to form the Queensland Labor Party. The two ex-Labor Independents joi...

    In the 3 August 1957 Queensland election, the QLP won 23.4% of the vote, the second highest of the contesting parties, and won 11 seats in the Legislative Assembly.
    At the 28 May 1960 election, the QLP's vote dropped significantly to 12.28% and won only 4 seats in the Legislative Assembly.
    At the 1 June 1963 electionthe party's vote (now part of the DLP) had dropped further to 7.23% winning only 1 seat.
    At the 28 May 1966 election, the DLP won 6.25% of the vote and 1 seat.
  3. The Australian Labor Party split of 1955 was a split within the Australian Labor Party along ethnocultural lines and about the position towards communism. Key players in the split were the federal opposition leader H. V. "Doc" Evatt and B. A. Santamaria, the dominant force behind the "Catholic Social Studies Movement" or "the Movement". I have ...

  4. Whitlam appointed Vince Gair (DLP) as Ambassador to Ireland and the Holy See in 1974 in an attempt to get control of the Senate, thus prostituting both the political process and the diplomatic service. Joh Bjelke-Petersen acted to frustrate Whitlam’s plans. This set in motion the constitutional crisis of 1975.