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  1. I have just been looking at the election results again, and remembering very clearly the backslapping which occurred with the landslide that Bjelke-Petersen effected in the 1974 election in Queensland when the ALP was reduced to 11 seats. At the same time the Queensland Labor Party, the Santamaria-Vince Gair offshoot, was wiped out completely. The … Continue reading "Modest Expectations ...

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    2006 onwards – UFX. In 2006, the band changed its name to UFX and released the album "Crack", the band's first since 2002 to consist entirely of new material. The album’s cover art featured the work of Parisien photographer Gui Brigaudiot.

  3. Sep 28, 2015 · One was Vince Gair in SVN in 1970, another was Johannes Bjelke-Petersen at the State School for Spastic Children, New farm, in 1973, and the last one was Annastacia Palaszczuk when she was Minister for Disability Services in 2010 and I was on the Disability Council of Queensland.

  4. Wilfred Burchett. Wilfred Graham Burchett (16 September 1911 – 27 September 1983) was an Australian journalist known for being the first western journalist to report from Hiroshima after the dropping of the atomic bomb, and for his reporting from "the other side" during the wars in Korea and Vietnam .

  5. TrueHeartSusie3 ( talk) 08:22, 21 April 2016 (UTC)TrueHeartSusie3. Are you aware that Emma Thompson is 34770 characters (5729 words) "readable prose" and Philip Seymour Hoffman is 37754 characters (6210 words), while this article is 24671 characters (3939 words). Thompson is 41% longer in terms of characters and Hoffman is 53% longer.

  6. Gair refused, and Nicklin backed him, arguing that the QCE was dominated by unaccountable left-wing trade union leaders with communist sympathies. On 24 April Vince Gair was expelled from the ALP, and he and his supporters formed the Queensland Labor Party (QLP).

  7. Bertie Milliner (17 July 1911 – 30 June 1975) was an Australian trade unionist, politician and Senator, representing the Australian Labor Party (ALP). He would have been a minor figure in Australia’s political history but for the events that followed his sudden death.

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