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    • ‘Finger-lickin’ good? Viral video kids land sauce ad
    • Viral Video: 'Charlie Bit My Finger' Kids Are Back in Ragu Commercial
    • Scrubbing Bubbles TV Commercial, 'Kids Go Viral'
    • ‘Finger-lickin’ good? Viral video kids land sauce ad
      ‘Finger-lickin’ good? Viral video kids land sauce ad
    • Viral Video: 'Charlie Bit My Finger' Kids Are Back in Ragu Commercial
    • Viral craigslist ad brings local college kids fame
    • Father-son duo in adorable viral video star in Denny's commercial
    • Kraft’s Viral Ad Encourages You To "Swear Like a Mother"
  1. Scrubbing Bubbles TV Commercial, 'Kids Go Viral' -

    Scrubbing Bubbles TV Commercial, 'Kids Go Viral'. When your kids are making a gigantic mess in your bathroom, you have (at least) two options: Flip out, or the more humorous option -- surreptitiously spy on them, making a video that you hope will go viral on the internet. Two parents do just that in this Scrubbing Bubbles spot, which lets viewers know they might be able to let messes happen behind closed bathroom doors if they use Scrubbing Bubbles products to clean them up later.

  2. White mom had kids kneel, pray to black women in viral TikTok

    Jan 08, 2021 · A white mom has gone viral on TikTok for preaching the gospel of black girl magic. In a video liked more than 13 million times before disappearing from the platform, Justine Champion, dubbed ...

    • Hannah Sparks
  3. This funny viral kid compilation for 2019 features the best examples of kids who do and say the funniest things. From children falling over to kids saying th...

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  4. The 10 Best Viral Kid Videos of the Last 10 Years | Fatherly
    • Little Girl Waits for Train (2011) Often times the best viral videos are the simplest, like this video of a little girl named Madeline getting very excited watching a train approaching.
    • Sophia Grace and Rosie Sing “Super Bass” (2011) There is no shortage of videos on the internet of kids singing to songs they love but Sophia Grace and Rosie managed to go viral with their hilarious and impassioned cover of Nicki Minaj’s popular song.
    • Ping Pong Baby (2012) While most toddlers would struggle just to hold a ping pong paddle, Jamie briefly took over the internet by showing off his killer swing.
    • Kid Gets Caught Eating Sprinkles (2013) Some kids are fantastic liars. Others, not so much. Take John, for example. When his mom asks him if he had eaten sprinkles, he tries to deny it but unfortunately, he forgot to check if he still had sprinkles on his face.
  5. Parents of Toddlers in Viral Vid Sue Trump for Doctored ...

    Sep 18, 2020 · The parents of those 2 toddlers in the viral video showing them running toward each other and joyfully embracing are going after President Trump for twisting it to push his own divisive agenda.

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  6. The Top 25 Viral Videos For Kids - LiveAbout
    • Funny Kid Fails By FailArmy. FailArmy is back and doing what they do best with this funny compilation video of ordinary kids messing up in extraordinary ways.
    • Funny Babies At The Zoo. Kids and animals are almost always a winning combination. This compilation video is a collection of little kids having close encounters with the animal kingdom at their local zoos.
    • Babies laughing & Funny Kids. If you need a pick-me-up, stop what you are doing right this minute and watch this video. The title says it all: It's just ten minutes of cute babies laughing and being adorable.
    • The Mean Kitty Song. It's no accident SMP Films' "The Mean Kitty Song" has well over 22 million views; the video's combination an adorable kitten and a catchy song has led to internet gold.
  7. This Viral Hallmark Commercial Will Make You Sob Into Your ...

    Mamas, what I’m saying is…you are going to LOVE this commercial…and maybe hate it a little…because it’s 100% ON POINT. As a mom of a 15, 12, and 8-year-old, I literally saw my current place in life reflected in this poignant ad about how the firsts soon become lasts, and that dang circle of life keeps going round and round at light ...

  8. The Most Viral Kid Video Of 2017, According To A Trends Expert

    Dec 28, 2017 · This year, kids who sass like adults were popular video shares. In fact, the most viral kid video of 2017 may well be Mila Stauffer's impossibly hip rant on the disappointments of preschool (she's ...

  9. These are some of the best viral videos we've seen so far in 2020. This compilation includes funny viral videos, viral animal videos, fail videos and awesome...

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  10. 8 Commercials that Went Viral (and Why They Worked)
    • Consumers should feel that the commercial echoes some aspect of their feelings and experiences. This ad for Dollar Shave Club exaggerates the everyday frustration some consumers feel in stores that complicate the purchasing process
    • Appealing to the emotions of your audience is a great way to make a connection. While fear is generally not the most useful emotion to appeal to when marketing consumer products, it can be absolutely necessary when discussing danger.
    • If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that regardless of how different people are, we are nevertheless united as a species by our universal love of cute animals.
    • As much as we love animal friendships, stories about the love shared by animals and their humans are just as, if not more, popular. Kleenex managed to evoke the depth of this bond and create a great need for its products in one fell swoop
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