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  1. Viridis Visconti She holds the title Duchess of Austria and Duchy of Austria. Viridis was born as the child of Bernabò Visconti and Beatrice Regina della Scala in 1352 in Milan. She passed away on March 1st, 1414.

  2. Filippo Maria Visconti was a noble. Filippo was born as the child of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and Caterina Visconti on September 23rd, 1392 in Milan. He died on August 13th, 1447.

  3. Sigismund, Archduke of Austria

    For the 17th century Archduke, see Archduke Sigismund Francis of Austria. An engraving by W. Killian, 1623. Sigismund of Austria, Duke, then Archduke of Further Austria (26 October 1427 – 4 March 1496) was a Habsburg archduke of Austria and…

  4. bernabo visconti : definition of bernabo visconti and ... visconti/en-en

    Taddea Visconti, Duchess of Bavaria (1351–28 September 1381), married on 13 October 1364 Stephen III, Duke of Bavaria, by whom she had three children including Isabeau of Bavaria, Queen consort of King Charles VI of France; Viridis Visconti (1352–1414), married Leopold III, Duke of Inner Austria, by whom she had six children.

  5. RoyalDish - Royal names - page 19

    It was coined by Friedrich III for his son in 1459, explaining it as a combination of the names of two Roman generals, Maximus and Scipio Aemilianus. There was, however, an antecedent in Maximilianus, and several other prominent early Christians.

  6. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman...

    He never explained its meaning, leading to many different interpretations being presented, although it has been claimed that shortly before his death he said it stands for Austriae Est Imperare Orbi Universali or Alles Erdreich ist Österreich untertan ("All the world is subject to Austria"). It may well symbolise his own understanding of the historical importance and meaning of his rule and of the early gaining of the Imperial title.

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  8. Taxonomía - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreón_científica

    Definición de taxón. El taxón es un grupo de organismos con circunscripción, posición y rango.De la estructura de la clasificación biológica como dada en la introducción, comúnmente llamada "taxonomía linneana" o "sistema linneano" (pero ver [cita 10] ), se deriva la definición de taxón, que como explicitan los Códigos de Nomenclatura, [cita 12] es un grupo de organismos que posee:

  9. Friedrich van Oostenrijk III (1415-1493) » Genealogy ...

    Friedrich van Oostenrijk was born on September 21, 1415 in Innsbruck, Tirol, Oostenrijk, son of Ernst I Ironside of Austria and Cymburgis of Masovia. He was married on March 16, 1452 in Rome, Lazio, Italy to Eleanor of Portugal Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, they had 16 children. He died on August 18, 1493 in Linz, Linz Stadt, Upper Austria (Oberösterreich), Austria. This information is ...

  10. Jörg Kölderer – Heraldik-Wikiörg_Kölderer

    Viridis Visconti, Erzherzogin zu Österreich: Bysa Ertzherzogin zu Österreich: Bysa Erzherzogin zu Österreich: 3 2: Kayser Karl der groß: Kaiser Karl der Große: Odobert Kinig zu prouantz : Odobert König zu Provence: Bysa Ruedolf Romischer Kunig: Rudolf I., Römischer König