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      • 4.  Virtual surgery, in general is a Virtual Reality technique of simulating surgery procedure, which help Surgeons improve surgery plans and practice surgery process on 3D models.  This helps the surgeon to have clear picture of the outcome of surgery.  The surgeon can view the anatomy from wide range of angles.  The virtual surgery is based on the patient specific model, so when the real surgery takes place, the surgeon is already familiar with all the specific operations that are to be...
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  2. VIRTUAL SURGERY TRAINING Ltd. (VST) was founded by Dr.Deniz Kanliada, an London-based ENT - Facial plastic surgeon. VST develops virtual reality training modules for medical practitioners and medical students. VIRTUAL AESTHETIC DOCTOR TM is our first training application, and it focuses on the most common non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures.

    • virtual Heart Surgery. The virtual heart surgery online app comes from a rather unexpected source - the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. This simulation is surprisingly realistic, despite the fact that it's a cartoon style simulation.
    • Surgery Squad. Surgery Squad is one of the best surgery simulation website online. The goal of the website is ultimately patient education. Surgeries at Surgery Squad.
    • Agame Surgeries. There are certainly plenty of online game sites online these days, and most games offered there are mostly made up of games that have no real purpose other than to pass the time.
    • Dynamic Hands-On Science Center. At COSI - the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus Ohio - you'll not only find lots of great real world science exhibits, but you'll also find educational online applications as well.
  3. Virtual Surgery Simulator The Simulator is an advanced, interactive, freely-available, 3D simulation technology that provides instruction on a variety of complex cleft surgical procedures.

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    Anatomy laboratories are not the most fun places to be. I still remember a couple of nightmares I had during my medical training. While using VR to learn, medical students deal with situations similar to what happens in real life, and they’re expected to respond as they would in real life. Afterward, an assessment is done on how they performed. It’...

    The main challenge facing the growth of medical devices being developed is training clinicians to use them. Lack of proper training can lead to negative consequences from using these devices instead of the intended positive outcome. Before reaching proficiency by a surgeon, the number of surgical procedures needed is 50 to 100, unlike before it was...

    Even though VR offers many benefits to surgical training, some improvements could make the experience much better. Surgeons are one of the groups benefiting more from VR. Patients aren’t put at risk as doctors learn new procedures. One of the most impactful features that could be added is haptic gloves. The main limitation currently in VR for surgi...

    It’s not an easy task to develop technological devices that can mimic the sense of touch. The haptic gloves’ mechanism depends mainly on proprioceptors that track movement and mechanoreceptors that provide information on the texture that has touched your hands. The two main categories include:

    VR is being developed and improves daily to create new and more functional devices. It’s not a smooth road there, but there’s a lot of hope and progress, making the result worth it. The current issue, which is creating haptic gloves to bring about a sense of touch, hasn’t been easy. However, a lot of companies have come together to make it a realit...

  4. What is Virtual Surgery. 1. It is a virtual reality technique that simulates surgical procedures without the need of a patient or cadaver instead it allows the surgeons to practice surgery on 3D models. It helps the surgeons to have clear understanding of the outcome. Learn more in: Impact of Virtual Reality in Healthcare: A Review.

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