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    Virtual Villagers Wiki | Fandom. Welcome to the Virtual Villagers Wiki! Since May 2, 2009, this village currently has 4 Tribal Chiefs and 4 survivors. A total number of 24,906,863 villagers present in this village until now.

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    Jul 18, 2006 · Virtual Villagers is a handheld device game for all ages created and designed by Last Day of Work. It allows the user to make decisions for the life of their little villagers. Virtual Villagers: A New Home was the first Virtual Villagers game and was released July 18, 2006. Virtual Villagers: A New Home starts when the villagers previous island was destroyed, so they moved to a new island ...

  3. Isola | Virtual Villagers Wiki | Fandom

    Isola is the island that the villagers live on in the games, and is commonly referred to as mysterious and beautiful. There are many areas to Isola, but a majority is sand and water. It is pronounced ee-SO-lah. 1 History 1.1 Virtual Villagers: Origins 1.2 Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children 1.3 Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City 1.4 Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life 1.5 Virtual ...

  4. The Ruins | Virtual Villagers Wiki | Fandom

    The Ruins is the seventh puzzle in Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City. 1 Overview 2 Requirements 3 Steps 4 Tips 5 Effect In order to solve this puzzle go to the southeast side of the screen, where there is the large pile of rocks. Level 2 Restoration Drag villagers to the rocks, and they will begin clearing the rubble. Place the chief close by so that they can help direct the villagers and ...

  5. The Elder Totem | Virtual Villagers Wiki | Fandom

    The Elder Totem is the sixth puzzle of Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children. An Esteemed Elder (someone who has mastered 3 different skills) Once you have an Esteemed Elder, a movable totem is created and placed in your village in their honor. The farming skill can be enhanced by fishing, collecting coconuts, or planting crops. The building skill can be enhanced by building or repairing huts ...

  6. The Stew | Virtual Villagers Wiki | Fandom
    • Overview
    • Requirements
    • Steps
    • Herbs Number to Be Used in The Recipe Below
    • Recipes

    Stews can be used to heal villagers, make them sick or give them special abilities. The completion of this puzzle will allow the villagers to complete another puzzle involving the gong.

    After purchasing Level 2 Exploration, a cauldron appears in the wood pile at the southwest of the map. Put a villager on top of the cauldron to retrieve it.
    If there is no fire, ignite one.
    Drop a villager on the cauldron three times. Once each to put it on the fire, fill it with water and add food.
    Then, drop a villager on any of the herbs you have mastered adding a total of three to the mix in any combination (you can use multiples of the same herb).
    The green plant in the upper left hanging over the wall of stones.
    The blue flower at the top center just to the right of the cave.
    The lavender daisy at the far top-right and above the blue flower.
    The black chain of flowers just above the waterfall on the east.
    1+1+1 = Your villager feels healthier after eating
    1+1+4 = The stew is nasty. It really isn't edible.
    1+1+5 = The stew is very, very spicy!
    1+1+6 = Your villager feels healthier after eating.
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    Virtual Villagers 2:The Lost Children (Los niños Perdidos). FANDOM. Juegos ... Wiki Virtual-Villager es una comunidad FANDOM en Juegos. Ver sitio móvil

  8. Virtual Villagers Events - Games

    Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children is the second chapter in the award-winning Virtual Villagers series from the creators of Fish Tycoon. This is the same sensational game that became a smash ... This is the same sensational game that became a smash ...

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    Wiki Virtual-Villager | Fandom. Juegos Películas TV. ... Virtual Villagers 2:The Lost Children; ... Bienvenidos a Wiki Virtual-Villager El wiki sobre ...

  10. How To Heal Villagers Health

    Villagers | Virtual Villagers Wiki | Fandom. Health Details: Villagers are the people that live on the islands. They are the people being controlled by the player, who is supposed to make the villagers' lives easier. 1 Age 1.1 Baby 1.2 Children 1.3 Teens 1.4 Adult 2 Villager Names 3 Time in Virtual Villagers Age is a big factor in the villagers' output.

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