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  1. Limited Edition - Visconti Home Limited Edition Limited Edition Our limited edition pens are true works of art born of the creative genius of our designers and skill of our master craftsmen. What would you like to see? All Regular Limited Special Heritage Sort by Woodstock Homo Sapiens Travel Edition Homo Sapiens Arizona Sunset

  2. In Stock. Visconti Opera Master Oversize Rollerball Pen - Savanna (Limited Edition) $680.00 $850.00. In Stock. Visconti Homo Sapiens Rollerball Pen - Tuscan Hills (Limited Edition) $796.00 $995.00. In Stock. Visconti Homo Sapiens Fountain Pen - Tuscan Hills (Limited Edition) $896.97 $1,195.00.

  3. Pen Collections. Our collections are born out of the creativity and experience of our design team and master artisans. They take their inspiration from art, nature, and life to create timeless pens with great personalities. What would you like to see? All. Regular. Limited. Special.

  4. Visconti is delighted to present this limited edition collection, 'QWERTY'. A pen inspired by the alphanumeric keyboard patented in 1864 by Christopher Sholes. With this pen, Visconti pays homage to a timeless system, born with typewriters, but still present today in everyday life. Sholes desi... Full Product Details ... 25%

  5. Visconti Limited Edition Ragtime 20th Anniversary Fountain Pen Fine Nib - 1988 pieces. $575.00.

  6. The Visconti Limited Edition Watermark Fountain Pen is a pen that demonstrates one of Visconti's greatest skills, the artisanal craftsmanship of the cut out ... Price $2,395.00 Save:$479.00 (20%) $1,677.00 - $1,916.00 Quick Look Visconti Limited Edition Watermark Rollerball Visconti's latest offering is truly spectacular.

  7. Visconti Portofino Limited Edition Fountain Pen $1,795.00 The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification.

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