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  1. Vlad the Impaler (2018) - IMDb › title › tt08748608

    Nov 23, 2018 · Directed by Osman Kaya. With Cem Uçan, Erkan Petekkaya, Nur Fettahoglu, Yetkin Dikinciler. The true story of 7 oddly dressed fearless men of Ottoman army fight against cruel Vlad.

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  2. 42 Bloodthirsty Facts About Vlad III Dracul, The Man Behind ... › people › 27-bloodthirsty-facts

    Vlad III, known as Vlad Țepeș, Vlad Dracula, or Vlad the Impaler, was the prince of Wallachia (modern-day Romania) three times between 1448 and his death in 1476/77. His cruel methods of punishing his enemies gained him infamy in 15th-century Europe all the way to the modern-day.

  3. Vlad the Impaler (Draculea) biography and historical facts › concepts › vlad-the-impaler

    Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Draculea (1431-1467), imposing Romanian leader who first ascended to the throne in 1448, is a controversial historical character partly because of his association with the fantastic character Dracula. The controversies spawn from the lack of knowledge regarding Romanian history and from the mendacious massive ...

  4. Vlad the Impaler and the legend of Dracula - MSN › en-us › travel

    Feb 10, 2021 · Vlad the Impaler During the banquet the boyars began to challenge their host's authority. Enraged, the "son of Dracul" had his guests stabbed and their bloody corpses impaled on spikes.

  5. The Real Dracula: 10 Facts About Vlad the Impaler | History Hit › facts-about-vlad-the-impaler

    Jan 27, 2020 · Vlad the Impaler was an undeniably brutal ruler. However he is still considered one of the most important rulers in Wallachian history and a national hero of Romania. Vlad III the Impaler (Credit: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Gemäldegalerie ).

  6. Historians claim to have tracked down remains of Vlad the Impaler › news-general › historians

    Jun 14, 2014 · Although Vlad was infamous throughout Europe for his cruelty, it was his favourite method of execution that ensured his place in history and gave him the name Vlad Tepes (‘Vlad the Impaler’). It is said that as Vlad retreated from a battle against the Ottomans in 1462, he impaled and put on display some 20,000 people outside the city of ...

  7. Vlad Dracula (1431-1476) - Find A Grave Memorial › memorial › 3118

    Romanian Prince. Some people believe he was the inspiration for the fictional 'Dracula' character. Vlad Dracula was commonly known as Vlad Tepes (tepes means the impaler in Romanian) he was well known for impaling his enemies and collecting their blood in jars and having feasts near their bodies.

  8. Vlad The Impaler Quotes (6 quotes) - Goodreads › quotes › tag

    Quotes tagged as "vlad-the-impaler" Showing 1-6 of 6 “It touched me to be trusted with something terrible.” ― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian. tags ...

  9. Bran Castle - Wikipedia › wiki › Bran_Castle

    Vlad the Impaler. Vlad III Dracula, better known as Vlad the Impaler, was ruler of Wallachia on and off from 1448 to 1476. Other than being colloquially known as the inspiration for Bram Stoker's titular character in the novel Dracula, Vlad III is known for committing brutal acts of war. In his reign he was under constant threat of attack from ...

  10. Who are the descendants of Vlad the Impaler? - Quora › Who-are-the-descendants-of-Vlad

    There are some these days who claim to be decendants of Dracula himself or of the Draculesti family/house to which he belonged. However, Vlad III Dracula AKA Vlad the Impaler was doubly cursed in life in that after his death his family and heirs s...

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