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  1. Russian village's graves may tie Kremlin to fighting in Ukraine › russian-villages-graves-may-tie

    Aug 28, 2014 · Semyonov, the local journalist, took a photograph of the two fresh graves, marked with crosses and covered with elaborate wreaths in the red, white and blue of the Russian flag. The cross on one grave had an inscription, according to Semyonov's photograph, which read: "Kichatkin, Leonid Yurevich. 30.09.1984-19.08.2014."

  2. Dec 19, 2017 · The 26 March case: how Russia is cracking down on freedom of assembly. ... draped in a Russian flag, before the incident which he has been prosecuted for. ... Zimovets threw a brick at Vladimir ...

  3. Astrakhan Oblast - Wikipedia › wiki › Astrakhanskaya_Oblast&

    According to a 2012 survey which interviewed 56,900 people 46% of the population of Astrakhan Oblast adheres to the Russian Orthodox Church, 4% are Orthodox Christian believers who do not belong to any church or are members of other (non-Russian) Orthodox churches, 2% are unaffiliated generic Christians, 14% are Muslims, and 2% of the ...

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    • December 27, 1943
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  4. Urals prison riot: Governor blames 'corrupt jail system' — RT ... › news › prison-russia-governor-kopeisk-635

    Nov 26, 2012 · The Russian authorities said today they had quelled a rare uprising at a prison in the Urals region that saw inmates climb on the roof and bloody clashes between police Follow RT on After a two-day riot in a Russian prison ended with injuries and arrests, the local governor has confirmed inmate claims of torture and extortion at the penal ...

  5. Russian S.F.S.R. Autonomous Republics › Russian_SFSR_rep

    According to the Russian constitution of 1978, the Autonomous Republics, defined as states, made up the federation together with the Russian S.F.S.R. itself. All autonomous republics that existed after 1920 are recorded below.

  6. Meet Yury Yurevich Shulina (Шулипа Юрий Юрьеви), on the surface just another Russophobe Ukrainian nazi who hates Putin and writes articles for the Russophobic Western mouthpiece Echo of Moscow and according to many on the Russian net "a loon" who practices law without a license, but if you start digging deeper it is clear that ...

  7. rock | Voices from Russia | Page 9 › category › rock

    Oleg Mikhailovich Gazmanov (1951- ), People’s Artist of Russia, “the bard of the Russian people”.Oleg Mikhailovich is shown here after a concert in Tskhinvali in South Ossetia for the Russian forces and Ossetian militia that successfully and heroically defended the city against the recent Georgian invasion.

  8. "Decision" of Russian CoAs problem | Paradox Interactive Forums › forum › threads

    Apr 02, 2019 · Russian rulers did not name themselves as "tsars", but they named as "tsar" emperors of Bizantium and Hans of Golden horde. But we haven't other options for empire tier in Rus(sia). As for me, best decision is to make Yaroslav the Wise a king tier "Grand Duke" ruler, and make empire of Rus(sia) only theoretically formable.

  9. July | 2008 | Voices from Russia › 2008 › 07

    Jul 31, 2008 · Aleksei German fils (1976- ), Aleksei Alekseyeich is the son of Aleksei Yurevich German (1938- ), another famous Russian film director. Two Russian films will screen at the forthcoming Venice international film festival. One of them is A Paper Soldier directed by Aleksei German fils. This is a story about 6 weeks in the life of a doctor who ...

  10. Russian Criminal: Vladimir Lisin - Chairman of the Board of ... › 2011 › 03

    "So steel was bought. Steel tycoon Vladimir Lisin can shoot in all senses" - Stringer, 13.03.2002, Lipetsk juggling "- The interviewer, 15.10.2008. Lisin is not fond of loud public scandals, he prefers settling all disputes quietly. Indicative is the history of Lisin's relations with Vladimir Potanin.

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