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    But there's a venerable Russian tradition that says if there's a garden rake lying around, you won't just step on it once, you'll step on it two or even three times. Because shortly afterward, this particular piece of gardening equipment whacked the governor of the neighboring Chelyabinsk region, Mikhail Yurevich, right in the forehead.

  2. Canada slaps new sanctions on Russia - National |

    Vladimir Abdualiyevich Vasilyev, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma. Viktor Petrovich Vodolatsky, Chairman of the Union of the Russian and Foreign Cossack Forces, and Deputy of the State Duma.

    • Mike Le Couteur
  3. The general aim of the study was to estimate the extent to which the current funding of election campaign and political activities corresponds with the International and Russian standards of free and fair democratic elections. In the study, we tried to identify the ultimate owners of the funds donated for candidates’ political and campaign activities.

  4. Ukraine - Superthread

    The ruble plunged to all-time lows last week on heavy falls in the price of oil, the backbone of the Russian economy, and Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis that made it near impossible for Russian firms to borrow on Western markets.

  5. The 2013 Transportation and Logistics exhibition in Munich hosted a forum titled, "The Prospects and Chances for Developing Transportation and Logistics in the Russian Regions." Speaking at this forum, Mikhail Yurevich stated that one of the focuses of the region's strategic development will be the creation of logistics centers.

  6. News - The investigative committee of the Russian Federation

    Address of the reception office of the Investigative Committee: Moscow, ul. Pervaya Frunzenskaya, d 3a Phone number: 8(495)986-77-10. Address for writtent applications: 105005, Moscow, Tekhnichesky Pereulok, 2

  7. On Demand - Social Sciences No. 4, Том 38 , 2007

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  8. Social Sciences No. 4, Том 38 , 2007

    The Russian Diaspora in the Crimea: Ethnopolitical Aspect. Olga VOLKOGONOVA Dec. 31, 2007: 5432: 129-140 ...

  9. The Moscow Times Archive - News, Business, Culture ...

    Shuvalov's comments, made in the presence of Federal Anti-Monopoly Service chief Igor Artemyev, mark an apparent turnaround from a hard-line position taken by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in 2008, when he called on the anti-monopoly service to "wake up" and start investigating major Russian oil companies for what he said were exorbitantly high ...

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