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  3. Vladislav II eller Ladislao II (död 20 augusti 1456) var härskare över Furstendömet Wallachia, från 1447 till 1448, och igen från 1448 till 1456.. Det sätt på vilket Vladislav II grep tronen debatteras, det mest accepterade är att Vladislav skulle ha mördat Vlad II Dracul, härskare över Wallachia, och som senare placerades på tronen av Juan Hunyadi; [2] Å andra sidan fick ...

  4. In February 1369 Vladislav I subdued Vidin and recognised Louis I of Hungary as his overlord in return for Severin, Amlaş, and Făgăraş. In 1373 Louis I took Severin again but the Vlachs recovered it in 1376–1377. It has been surgested that his son was Vlad I of Wallachia.

  5. Vladislav I (Bulgarian: Владислав I Thai: Vladhyslao I [1]) of the Basarab dynasty, also known as Vlaicu-Vodă, was a ruler of the principality of Wallachia (a part of modern-day Romania) (1364 – c. 1377).

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  7. The 1452 monetary reform ended the period of significant currency transformations in medieval Wallachia. In 1451-1452, the Danubian Principality balancing between the Ottomans and the Hungarians, managed to launch the law and monetary reforms as well as a foreign policy change.

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