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  1. Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125 ...
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    He was the son of Vsevolod I (married in 1046) and Anastasia of the Eastern Roman Empire (d. 1067) which is now called the Byzantine Empire. Some claim that her father had been Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos, but this is not attested in any reliable primary source. Eupraxia of Kiev, a half-sister of Vladimir, became notorious all over Europe for her divorce from the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV on the grounds that he had attempted a black masson her naked body.

    In his famous Instruction (also known as The Testament) to his own children, Monomakh mentions that he conducted 83 military campaigns and 19 times made peace with the Polovtsians. At first he waged war against the steppe jointly with his cousin Oleg Svyatoslavich, but after Vladimir was sent by his father to rule Chernigov and Oleg made peace with the Polovtsians to retake that city from him, they parted company. Since that time, Vladimir and Olegwere bitter enemies who would often engage in internecine wars. The enmity continued among their children and more distant posterity. From 1094, his chief patrimony was the southern town of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, although he also controlled Rostov, Suzdal, and other northern provinces (see Principality of Pereyaslavl). In these lands he founded several towns, notably his namesake, Vladimir, the future capital of Russia. In order to unite the princes of Rus' in their struggle against the Great Steppe, Vladimir initiated three princely coun...

    Vladimir was married three times. His first wife was Gytha of Wessex, daughter of Harold of England who fell at Hastings and Edith the Fair. They had at least five children: 1. Mstislav I of Kiev(1 June 1076 – 14 April 1132). 2. Izyaslav of Kursk(c. 1077 – 6 September 1096). 3. Svyatoslav of Smolensk(c. 1080 – 16 March 1114). 4. Yaropolk II Vladimirovich of Kiev(1082 – 18 February 1139). 5. Vyacheslav I Vladimirovich of Kiev(1083 – 2 February 1154). 6. Maritsa Vladimirovna. Married Pseudo-Leo Diogenes II (c1070-1116), a pretender to the throne of the Byzantine Empire, claiming to be a son of Romanos Diogenes. He Rose to the rank of khan of the Cumans in Ossetia. 7. Yuri Dolgoruki(d. 15 May 1157). 8. Roman Vladimirovich, Prince of Volhynia(d. 6 January 1119). 9. Yefimiya Vladimirovna of Kiev (c1095-1139) (d. 4 April 1139). Married Coloman of Hungary. Some historians consider that ha had another daughter, Sofiya Vladimirovna who married Svyatoslav Vseslavich The second wife, Yefimiya,...

    Cawley, Charles, RUSSIA Rurik: Vladimir Monomach died 1125, Foundation for Medieval Genealogy,,%20Rurik.htm#VladimirMonomachdied1125B, retrieved August 2012
    Nenarokova, Maria (2008). "Vladimir Monomakh’s Instruction: An Old Russian Pedagogic Treatise". In Juanita, Feros Ruys. What Nature Does Not Teach: Didactic Literature in the Medieval and Early-Mod...
    • 19 May 1125
    • Yefimiya (c1078-1107)
    • Gytha of Wessex (1053-1098)
    • Unknown Cuman
  2. Family tree of Russian monarchs - Wikipedia

    of Kiev ≈1067/70 –1109: Vsevolod II Olgovich G.P. of Kiev?-1139–1146: Igor II Olgovich G.P. of Kiev?-1146-1147: Iziaslav III G.P. of Kiev?-1154–1155/ 1157–1158/1162: Roman Prince of Volhynia?-1117-1119: Andriy Prince of Volhynia 1102–1119-1141: Svyatoslav Prince of Smolensk and Pereyaslav ≈1080 –1114: Euphemia of Kiev fl.1112 ...

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    Reigned three times, threatened by the power of his relatives Vseslav of Polotsk (1068–69) and Sviatoslav II of Kiev (1073–76). First King of Rus', Pope Gregory VII sent him a crown from Rome in 1075.

  4. Vsevolod II of Kiev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...

    Jan 13, 2017 - Vsevolod II Olgovich (Cyrillic: Всеволод II Ольгович) (died August 1, 1146) was the Prince (Knyaz) of Chernigov (1127–1139) and Grand Prince (Velikiy Knyaz) of Kiev (1139–1146), son of Oleg Svyatoslavich, Prince of Chernigov. Vsevolod married Maria, the daughter of Grand Duke Mstislav of Kiev. They had two sons and two daughters:

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  6. SUCCESSORS OF ROME: ... In his time Kiev, according to the Russian Primary Chonicle ... GRAND PRINCES OF KIEV; Vsevolod I: 1077, 1078-1093: Svyatopolk II: 1093-1113 ...

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    In fact, Władysław II was so confident of winning at home that he sent Bolesław to aid Grand Prince Vsevolod II during a revolt in Kiev. Unfortunately, Bolesław's expedition ended in complete disaster, as the Grand Prince's death from disease created general confusion in Kiev.

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    Unfortunately for Kiev, this new-found unity does not survive Vladimir. The rival Rus principalities are now too strong and too independent to be contained. 1113 - 1125: Vladimir II Monomachus / Waldemar: Son of Vsevolod. m Gytha, daughter of Harold II of England. 1113

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    Grand Prince of Kiev (sometimes Grand Duke of Kiev) was the title of the prince of Kiev and the ruler of Kievan Rus' from the 10th to 13th centuries. In the 13th century, Kiev became an appanage principality first of the Grand Prince of Vladimir and the Golden Horde governors, and later was taken over by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

  10. Vladimir Monomakh Vsevolodich (1052 - 1125) - Genealogy

    Sep 28, 2020 · Fyrste av Smolensk 1067 - 1094. Fyrste av Chernigiv 1078 - 1094. Fyrste av Pereyaslavl 1094 - 1113. Storfyrste av Kijev [Kiev] 1113 - 1125. Vladimir (Volodymyr) ble fyrste av Pereyaslavl da hans far, Vsevolod I, døde og støttet sin kusine Sviatopolk som storfyrste av Kijev for å unngå krig mellom de russiske prinsene.

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