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    Biography. Vytautas Bulvičius was born to the family of the famous book carrier and large farmer Juozas Bulvičius and his wife Marija Bulvičienė. Juozas Bulvičius owned the estate of Simanėliškiai. Vytautas was one of seven children. In 1925 he graduated from the gymnasium of Vilkaviškis.

    • Lithuanian
    • 5 May 1908, Kunigiškiai [lt], Lithuania
  2. Vytautas Kavolis - Wikipedia

    Vytautas Kavolis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vytautas Kavolis (October 8, 1930 in Kaunas – June 25, 1996 in Vilnius) was a Lithuanian -born American sociologist, literary critic, and culture historian.

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  4. Vytautas Mitalas - Wikipedia

    Vytautas Mitalas From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vytautas Mitalas (born 16 June 1989 in Vilnius) is a Deputy Speaker of the Seimas and Member of the Seimas since November 2020. He is also former Vice Mayor of Vilnius.

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    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Professor Vytautas Landsbergis (born 18 October 1932) is a Lithuanian conservative politician and a former Member of the European Parliament.

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    Biography. Vytautas Landsbergis was born in Kaunas, Lithuania.His father was the famous architect Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis and his mother, ophthalmologist Dr. Ona Jablonskytė-Landsbergienė in 1944 sheltered a Jewish teenager in the family home.

    • 18 October 1932 (age 88), Kaunas, Lithuania
    • Algirdas Brazauskas (as the Speaker of the Seimas and acting President of Lithuania)
  7. Vytautas Alantas - Wikipedia
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    Vytautas Alantas was a Lithuanian writer, journalist, and political ideologue. Educated in France, Alantas worked as a journalist of the Lithuanian news agency ELTA and chief editor of the official daily Lietuvos aidas. Alantas was one of the leaders of Young Tautininkai, an organization of radical young members of the Lithuanian Nationalist Union in the late 1930s – this movement is also known as Vairininkai after the political magazine Vairas. A sympathizer with national socialism...

    Alantas was the eldest of four children of a family of Lithuanian farmers in Sidabravas. Alantas' father briefly worked in the United States and managed to purchase 80 hectares of land from a former manor in Kriaukėnai near Radviliškis. His brother Algirdas Jakševičius ...

    In the late 1930s, Vairininkai took control of the media and the party apparatus in Antanas Smetona's dictatorship – party newspapers such as Vairas, Akademikas and Lietuvos aidas were chaired by the radical youth, while the general secretary of the Nationalist Union Jonas ...

    After the Soviet occupation of Lithuania in June 1940, Alantas fled to Germany. His wife and son remained in Lithuania and were deported to Siberia during the June deportation in 1941. In Germany, he was invited to head the Commission of Culture of the Lithuanian Activist Front,

    He was a prolific writer and published seven collections of short stories, fifteen plays, six novels, four non-fiction books, and one poetry collection. He authored more than a hundred short stories and feuilletons that varied in themes and topics. He did not join any literary movement or circles. His works have features of realism and romanticism with schematic writing style that resembles journalist's work. They often include melodramatic love stories and declarations of patriotism. His first

  8. Vytautas Juozapaitis - Wikipedia

    Vytautas Juozapaitis (born 14 December 1963 in Radviliskis, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian singer (), recipient of Lithuanian National Prize, a soloist of Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre and Kaunas State Musical Theatre, a professor of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and a docent of Vilnius College of Higher Education, and a television personality.

  9. Vytautas Merkys - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vytautas Merkys (May 5, 1929 in Čivai, near Kupiškis – July 25, 2012) was a Lithuanian historian and a professor at Vilnius University.

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    2 days ago · biography/Vytautas-the-Great. 0 references. Encyclopædia Universalis ID. vytautas-le-grand. 0 references. Freebase ID /m/02v4km. ... Wikipedia (47 entries) edit.

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