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    Vytautas (c. 1350 – October 27, 1430), also known as Vytautas the Great (Lithuanian: Vytautas Didysis (help · info), Polish: Witold Kiejstutowicz, Witold Aleksander or Witold Wielki Ruthenian: Vitovt, Latin: Alexander Vitoldus, Old German: Wythaws or Wythawt) from the 15th century onwards, was a ruler of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which chiefly encompassed the Lithuanians and Ruthenians.

    • August 4, 1392 – October 27, 1430
    • Kęstutis
  2. Anna, Grand Duchess of Lithuania - Wikipedia,_Grand_Duchess_of...

    Anna (Lithuanian: Ona Vytautienė; died on 31 July 1418 in Trakai) was Grand Duchess of Lithuania (1392–1418). She probably was the first wife of Vytautas the Great, Grand Duke of Lithuania. Anna was mother of Sophia of Lithuania, the only child of Vytautas and wife of Vasily I of Moscow.

    • 4 August 1392 – 31 July 1418
    • Kęstutis (by marriage)
  3. Uliana Olshanska - Wikipedia

    Princess Uliana Olshanska (Polish: Julianna Holszańska, Lithuanian: Julijona Alšėniškė or Julijona Vytautienė; d. 1448) was a noblewoman from the Olshanski family, the second wife of Vytautas, Grand Duke of Lithuania. They had no issue. Very little is known about Uliana's life.

  4. Vytautas Bulvičius - Wikipediačius

    Vytautas Bulvičius was born to the family of the famous book carrier and large farmer Juozas Bulvičius and his wife Marija Bulvičienė. Juozas Bulvičius owned the estate of Simanėliškiai. Vytautas was one of seven children. In 1925 he graduated from the gymnasium of Vilkaviškis.

    • Lithuanian
    • 5 May 1908, Kunigiškiai [lt], Lithuania
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  6. Vytautas Andrius Graičiūnas - Wikipediačiūnas

    Vytautas Andrius Graičiūnas (August 17, 1898 in Chicago – January 9, 1952 in Olzheras, Siberia) was a Lithuanian American management theorist, management consultant, and engineer, and was a known expert in his field. Born to Lithuanian immigrants, he studied at the University of Chicago.

  7. Vytautas Pociūnas - Wikipediaūnas

    Vytautas Pociūnas (September 1957 – 23 August 2006) was a physicist, officer of the Lithuanian State Security Department, ... The wife of V. Pociūnas, Liudvika ...

  8. Vytautas Alantas - Wikipedia

    Vytautas Alantas (born Vytautas Benjaminas Jakševičius, 18 June 1902 – 24 April 1990) was a Lithuanian writer, journalist, and political ideologue. Educated in France, Alantas worked as a journalist of the Lithuanian news agency ELTA and chief editor of the official daily Lietuvos aidas .

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    Dec 02, 2019 · Category:Lithuanian Grand Duchess Anna. ... Wife of Grand Duke Vytautas. Upload media ... In Wikipedia. Беларуская ...

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    Vytautas (Lithuanian: Vytautas Didysis(help·info), Belarusian language: Вітаўт Кейстутавіч (Vitaŭt Kiejstutavič), Polish language: Witold Kiejstutowicz , Rusyn: Vitovt, Latin: Alexander Vitoldus); styled "the Great" from the 15th century onwards; c. 1350 – October 27, 1430) was one of the most famous rulers of medieval Lithuania. Vytautas was the ruler (13921430) of the ...

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