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  2. Death of a Dynasty | Walking With Wikis | Fandom › wiki › Death_of_a_Dynasty
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    Death of a Dynasty General information Series Walking with Dinosaurs Episode number 6 Featured creatures Tyrannosaurus rex Broadcast information Original airdate 8 November 1999 Chronological information Previous episode Spirits of the Ice Forest Following episode The Ballad of Big Al

    This episode starts several months before the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs. According to the companion book of the TV series, the late Cretaceous forests were shrinking and the Pierre Seaway between Laramidia and Appalachia was slowly drying up from the north southwards. This caused avalanches and volcanic eruptions, which further deteriorate the living conditions, and destroy further the dinosaurs habitat. The mammals (exemplified by the Didelphodon) are thriving, however, sometimes at...

    The main focus of this episode is on a female Tyrannosaurus rex, who abandons her initial nest because all the eggs in it were still-born. This plight of hers is a metaphoric stand-in for the whole dinosaur extinction, for their 'dynasty' dies-out alongside hers. (Another symbol of the death is the giant pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus, which is the last of his kind and after its disappearance, the skies will belong only to the birds.

  3. Death of a Dynasty | Walking with Dinosaurs Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Death_of_a_Dynasty
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    65, 500, 000 BC - Late Cretaceous - Montana This episode starts months before the extinction of the dinosaurs. The last dinosaurs are depicted to have been beleaguered by excessive volcanism for hundreds and even thousands of years. Though not mentioned in the series, the Deccan Traps of India are noted in the book - these mega flood basalt eruptions lasted for around a million years without end, and would have severely polluted the worlds climate and caused colossal damage to life on Earth; considering that in a single eruption of a modestly sized volcano, the world can feel the effects on a global scale, from famine to blizzards in summer due to climate changes and atmospheric pollution, and that these are usually events that last less than a week, imagine the terror of a million year event, and that it was not the only volcanism in the world by far. In the book, there is even a part where a vast Edmontosaurus herd that had been migrating for hundreds of miles (this species being...

    The model for Parksosaurus would later be reused as Othnielia in The Ballad of Big Al.
    Apparently the Torosaurus is not actually based off of Triceratops Horridus and the Triceratops carcass is based off of Triceratop Prorsushowever it is unknown if the Torosaurus is actually Tricera...
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    Available to watch; 1. Walking With Dinosaurs - New Blood. 01 January 1999. 29min. Audio Languages. ... Walking With Dinosaurs - Death of a Dynasty. 01 January 1999 ...

  6. Walking With Dinosaurs S1 Ep6 Death of a Dynasty - video ... › video › x3moziw

    Jan 16, 2016 · Watch Walking With Dinosaurs S1 Ep6 Death of a Dynasty - INDI TV Series on Dailymotion. Search. ... Walking With Dinosaurs - 6 of 6 - Death of a Dynasty - 1080p HD.

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  9. Walking With Dinosaurs S1 Ep1 "New Blood" - video Dailymotion › video › x3f0sjm

    Nov 22, 2015 · Watch Walking With Dinosaurs S1 Ep1 "New Blood" - INDI TV Series on Dailymotion ... Walking With Dinosaurs S1 Ep6 of a Dynasty. UstpEnlt9988. 29:17. Walking ...

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