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    A WandaVision story by oliviamadz. 683 11 25. If In Infinity war the Avengers won Wanda and Vision would be livings happy life,so this is the story of what I would want to happen to the best couple in the MCU ️ St... thevision.

  2. Wandavision: 10 Important Wanda And Vision Storylines From ... › wandavision-marvel-comics-important
    • Avengers: The Children's Crusade. The six-part series began its release in 2010 and was written by Allan Heinberg. The story mostly revolves around a young hero named Wiccan, a member of the Young Avengers.
    • Avengers West Coast Volume 2 #52. The story was published in 1989. The comic was written and drawn by John Byrne and features the death of Vision and Scarlet Witch's twin sons.
    • West Coast Avengers Volume 2 #42-45. The story arc, nicknamed Vision Quest, was released in 1989 and was written and drawn by John Byrne. When Vision is dismantled by Immortus, he must be reassembled so Dr. Pym works to rebuild his body, but the Avengers have a hard time reestablishing his brain waves.
    • The Vision And The Scarlet Witch Volume 2. The second volume of Vision and Wanda's solo series began in 1985 and was written by Steve Englehart. The storyline began in The West Coast Avengers Volume 2 #2 and deals with Vision and Wanda playing with the idea of having a child.
  3. WandaVision: 10 Vision Story Arcs Every Fan Should Read › wandavision-best-vision-comic
    • Little Better Than A Beast. Vision 7-12 finishes off the solo Vision series and picks up where "Little Worse Than a Man" left off, with Agatha Harkness warning The Avengers that Vision will do anything to maintain his newfound humanity, including murder.
    • Little Worse Than A Man. In 2015, Vision got his own series, and it was amazing as he created his own family. In the first six issues of Vision by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Jordie Bellaire & Clayton Cowles, Vision builds his new family, including wife Virginia, son Vin, and daughter Viv.
    • Yesterday & Tomorrow. In 2002, Vision got his own four-issue miniseries titled Avengers Icons: The Vision by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Pimental, Chris Sotomayor & Paul Tutrone.
    • Vision Quest. The biggest thing that happened with Vision as a member of the West Coast Avengers came when he learned his origin was not what most originally thought.
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  5. Mar 05, 2021 · Because WandaVision, so far, has unfolded as an origin story. It's the tale of how Wanda Maximoff, a confused and grief-stricken product of experimentation, saddled with powers she doesn't...

    • Eric Deggans
  6. These Marvel comics storylines might explain 'WandaVision ... › entertainment-arts › tv

    Jan 15, 2021 · Origin stories Both the Scarlet Witch and Vision made their comic book debut in the 1960s, and they’ve had to overcome plenty of tragedy over the years. The Scarlet Witch first appeared in the...

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    Fanfiction Short Stories Wandavision X Reader Wanda Maximoff. The reader has lost everyone, so has Wanda. Wanda takes her to Westview in effort to help her. This is ...

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