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  1. The War of 1812 has been made possible by a major grant from The National Endowment for the Humanities, with funding provided by Wilson Foundation Warren and Barbara Goldring, The …

  2. James Madison, America’s fourth President (1809-1817), made a major contribution to the ratification of the Constitution by writing The Federalist Papers, along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.

  3. The 1812 United States presidential election was the seventh quadrennial presidential election.It was held from Friday, October 30, 1812 to Wednesday, December 2, 1812. Taking place in the shadow of the War of 1812, incumbent Democratic-Republican President James Madison defeated DeWitt Clinton, who drew support from dissident Democratic-Republicans in the North as well as Federali

  4. War of 1812 « War of 1812; War of 1812; Popular Content « Popular Content; Popular Content; War of 1812 Facts; War of 1812 Timeline; Brief Overview: War of 1812; War of 1812 Battle Map; Battles « Battles; Battles; Fort McHenry; New Orleans; Tippecanoe; York; All War of 1812 Battles » Search By Type « Search By Type; Search By Type; Maps ...

  5. Aug 15, 2022 · The American Revolution was the 18th-century colonists' struggle for independence from Britain. Learn about the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence and more.

  6. President Johnson's "war on poverty" speech was delivered at a time of recovery (the poverty level had fallen from 22.4% in 1959 to 19% in 1964 when the war on poverty was announced) and it was viewed by critics as an effort to get the United States Congress to authorize social welfare programs. Republicans ran against the War on Poverty program.

  7. At History for Kids, you can explore all available facts about ancient or modern history, from Egypt to Greek to Roman and beyond. We are a completely free A-Z resource available for kids, pupils, parents and teachers to learn many interesting facts about history.

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