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  1. Herbs | Ultimate Warrior Cats Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Herbs

    ShadowClan cats use this to store other herbs in. Juniper Berries. The berries are chewed and eaten, they help bellyache, give strength, soothes troubles breathing, and helps calm cats down. Lamb's Ear. This herb gives a cat strength. Lavender. This herb can hide the scent of death, used in vigils for leaders, it also cures fever or chills ...

  2. Warrior (CATS) Guide [COMPLETED] - Herbs and Medicine Cat ... › 20080473-warrior-cats-guide
    • Borage Leaves are Blue and pink star shaped flowers with hairy leaves. They are chewed and eaten. Borage increases milk in queens and brings down fevers.
    • Burdock Root is a tall-stemmed, sharp-smelling thistle with dark leaves. It is applied to bites and cures infection.
    • Catmint is a delicious-smelling, leafy plant, found in Twoleg gardens. It is eaten and is a remedy for Greencough.
    • Chervil is a sweet-smelling plant with large fernlike leaves and small white flowers. It's leaves can be applied to wounds. The roots are generally chewed and eaten.
  3. Medicine Cat Herbs - Warrior Cats › medicine-cat
    • Borge leaves. To be chewed and eaten. The plant can be distinguished by small blue or pink star-shaped flowers and hairy leaves. Great for nursing queens as it helps increase their supply of milk.
    • Burdock Roots. A tall-stemmed, sharp-smelling thistle with dark leaves. A medicine cat must dig up the roots, wash off the dirt, and chew them into pulp, which can be applied to rat bites.
    • Catmint (also known as catnip) A delicious-smelling ,leafy plant that's hard to find in the wild; often found growing in twoleg gardens. The best remedy for green cough.
    • Chervil. A sweet-smelling plant with large, spreading, fernlike leaves and small white flowers. The juice of the leaves can be used for infected wounds, and chewing the roots helps bellyaches.
  4. Herbs | The Warrior Cats Role Play Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Herbs

    Poisonous Herbs These are herbs that are poisonous cats and are bad for a cat's health. This section is still being edited with appearances and cures! Deathberries. Deathberries, also known as Night Seeds or Yew berries, when consumed will kill the cat who swallows it unless given immediate help- even if immediately helped, they may still die.

  5. Herbs - Warrior Cats Roleplay › herbs

    Heres the herbs used in the Warrior Cats books if you need a reminder! Reduces swelling and prevents infection when chewed and applied to a wound. May also be chewed by a cat with a toothache to reduce pain, swelling, and aid in preventing complications. Used to prevent tooth decay. Use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems or burns.

  6. Herbs and Treatments | Warrior Cats Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Herbs_and_Treatments

    Mainly used by medicine cats, herbs and treatments can help heal cats of their wounds and illnesses. 1 A-Z 1.1 Alder 1.2 Beech 1.3 Bird-claw 1.4 Birch 1.5 Dawn's-tongue 1.6 Lousewort 1.7 Orchid 1.8 Sun-spike 1.9 Sundew 1.10 Tormentil Usage: Chewing alder bark eases toothache; alder leaves with morning dew can attract fleas from a nest and be disposed of. Location: Along rivers, ponds, marshes ...

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  8. Herbs and Their Uses - Warrior Cats - Google Search › site › warriorcats115

    A sweet-smelling plant with large, leafy, fern-like leaves and small white flowers.The roots are described as being knobby and brown. Location: In the Forest Territories, it was found at Snakerocks. Usage: Chewed to extract the juice of the leaves or the root. Effect: For infected wounds and bellyache, respectively.

  9. Medicine | Warriors Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Medicine

    StarClan must have shared their wisdom with this article, because it was previously featured on the front page. A medicine cat's main job is to heal their fellow Clanmates of their wounds and sicknesses. They have many ways of doing so, mostly through herbs and berries kept in the medicine cat's herb store inside their den. It has been noted by Erin Hunter that these remedies should never be ...

  10. Medicine Cat Guide- Everything A Medicine Cat Needs To Know ...

    This list contains the poisonous herbs, poultices, pastes, pulps, ointments, treatment methods, injuries and illnesses, healing remedies without herbs, how to care for your herbs, and much more. All herbs, locations, usages, techniques, etc were found on the Warriors Wiki and in the official book

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