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    The Place of No Stars (residence), also known as the Dark Forest, is the place where cats who committed heinous acts against the warrior code and the Clans after they die, the opposite of StarClan's hunting grounds. It is a dark, endless forest with dead trees, a black, starless sky, with marshes, rivers, caves, tunnels, ridges, and a dark lake ...

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    Welcome to Warrior Cats Wiki! Hope you would like to see all the Herbs, Cats, and even the Books in order

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    Upon becoming an apprentice (a warrior or medicine cat in training), "-paw" replaces "-kit" at the end of the character's name (Dawnpaw, Bramblepaw, Lionpaw, etc.). When the character completes their apprenticeship and is promoted to a warrior or medicine cat, the suffix to their name is then changed to one chosen by the Clan leader (Dawnpelt ...

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    Aug 17, 2012 · June 1, 2015/New Admin Cryptic_Lynx is now an administrator.August 21, 2012/New B-Crat .Allari♥ is now a b-crat.August 21, 2012/Charart Contest We have a charart contest! Look here to see more.August 19, 2012/New B-crat Crystalheart123 is now a B-crat.August 19, 2012/New Chat mod/Rollback Pikachushinx is now a Chat Mod and a Rollback.August 17, 2012/Achievement WOW! 10 PAGES IN ONE DAY ...

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    Cats are small, furry, carnivorous mammals.1 Feral cats, such as those seen in Warriors, are cats born in the wild (as opposed to cats that are lost or released, which are referred to as stray cats). These cats are much more aggressive than their domesticated counterparts, and can be found living in clowders in the wild, using a common food source.2 Despite feral cats being solitary hunters ...

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    Apprentice: A cat at least six moons old, and training to be a warrior (or a medicine cat.) In MemoryClan, called Padawans. Warrior: A mature cat who has completed his or her warrior training. A she-cat is considered a warrior when she is not currently (heavily) expecting or nursing kits. In MemoryClan, called Knights.

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    Welcome to the Warrior Cat OC Wiki! This is a wiki for your warrior cat own. You can make a warrior cat and your own clan too but there are rules-- 1.Don't make a clan when there is more clans than cats. 2.Don't copy Erin or Kiera's Clans, for they belong to them. 3.Don't copy clan names and warrior names. 4.No pink,purple ,etc cats,w e want to ...

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    Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki is currently under construction and is in need of more active users, so please help out! If you are interested in revamping this wiki with others, please contact any of the admins or leave a message on ArticunaDragon101's talk page, found here .

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    Cat-speak : Human-speak Glowpoles: Streetlights on the sides of Thunderpaths Crow-food: Rotting or discarded food or prey which has began to decay or rot. Cats who eat this often become sick afterwards. Fox-dung: insult-- stronger offense than mouse-dung. A cat calling you to be similar to a piece of fox dung. Fresh-kill: The recent catch of prey, such as a mouse or bird. Gathering: A meeting ...

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