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  1. The first public library in Prague was opened on the 1 st July 1891, being established by a decree of the municipal council as the Public Municipal Library of the Royal City of Prague. In the beginning, it had over 3000 books; its first address was in the building of the former St. Václav jail in the Na Zderaze Street.

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    Prague represents a unique collection of historical monuments dominated by Prague Castle which towers high above the city. It merges all artistic and architectonic styles and movements. The historical core of the city is situated on both banks of the Vltava river and consists of 6 parts - formerly independent urban units unified in the 18th ...

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    Although the Prague Metro system is relatively new, the idea of underground transport in Prague dates back many years. The first proposal to build a sub-surface railway was made by Ladislav Rott in 1898. He encouraged the city council to take advantage of the fact that parts of the central city were already being dug up for sewer work.

    • Pražské metro
    • 61
    • 3 (plus 1 approved)
    • 63.1 km (39.2 mi)
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    The New Prague City Council in 1962 voted to provide a site in Memorial park for a new library. Construction began in July. The dedication of Memorial Library, New Prague Branch of Dakota-Scott Regional Library System, was held on June 8, 1963 , with the address by Dr. O. Meredith Wilson, president of the University of Minnesota.

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    • Prague’s Jewish Quarter. Like many Jewish areas in major European cities, the residents of the Jewish Quarter of Prague did not fare well during WWII.
    • Cemeteries. There are around 30 cemeteries within Prague’s city limits (some sources say 29, but most seem confident it’s 30, so I’ll join their ranks).
    • St. Valentine’s Shoulder Blade. On display in the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul at Vyšehrad (yes, the one next to the cemetery mentioned above) is a relic believed to be the shoulder of St Valentine.
    • Defenestration Towers. As we mentioned in our Golem article and mini Prague history lesson, Prague has had two [official] defenestrations (technically it’s had more, but there are only two official defenestrations of Prague).
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    • Prague is the defenestration capital of the world. If you’re like me, you probably love a good defenestration. Two of the most famous defenestrations in world history both occurred in Prague.
    • The Czech Republic is west of the west. During the Cold War, Czechoslovakia was considered part of Eastern Europe. However, Prague is actually further west than Vienna, Austria, which is considered part of Western Europe.
    • It’s the #1 beer-drinking country in the world. The Czechs drink more beer per capita than anyone else in the world, consuming on average 43 gallons (160 liters) per person, per year.
    • You’ve heard of many famous Czechs. At first blush, you may not think that you’ve ever known someone from the Czech Republic, but while that might be true, you’ve probably heard of and admired at least some of them.
  8. Feb 24, 2020 · Prague City Council voted on Monday in favor of renaming what was known for decades as “Under the Chestnuts Square” to “Boris Nemtsov Square,” according to the city’s mayor, Zdeněk Hřib.

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    Feb 24, 2020 · Prague City Council voted on Monday in favor of renaming what was known for decades as "Under the Chestnuts Square" to "Boris Nemtsov Square," according to the city's mayor, Zdeněk Hřib. The official renaming will take place on February 27, the fifth anniversary of the opposition leader's killing.

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    Sep 01, 2009 · My trip around the downtown area, the modern City Council depot, and the well-placed natural gas filling stations close to the downtown area that enable the units to be refuelled during driver breaks, all suggested to me that the City of Prague has its priorities right, and that other European cities interested in benefiting from the tourist ...

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