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  1. Washington, D.C. ( pronounced /ˈwɒʃɪŋtən ˌdiːˈsiː/ (deprecatit template) ), formally the Destrict o Columbie an commonly referred tae as Washington, the Destrict, or simply D.C., is the caipital o the Unitit States, foondit on Julie 16, 1790.

    • 16 Julie 1790
    • Unitit States
    • Destrict o Columbie
    • 1801
  2. Originally inhabited by an Algonquian -speaking people known as the Nacotchtank, the site of the District of Columbia along the Potomac River was first selected by President George Washington. The city came under attack during the War of 1812 in an episode known as the Burning of Washington.

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    • Federal Building and Post Office
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    National gallery of Art, West Building
    National Museum of the American Indian
    United States Botanic Garden
    National World War II Memorial and Lincoln Memorial
    White House, south
    White House, south
    White House, north
    West Wing
    Dominican Embassy, Washington D.C.
    Estonian Embassy, Washington D.C.
    6980 Maple Street NW
    English: A close-up of the southern cornerstone of the original D.C. boundary markers. The stone is located in the sea wall of Jones Point Light.
    District of Columbia boundary marker at the corner of Western Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue NW, near the Friendship Heights station of the Washington Metro.
    Taras Shevchenko Monument at P Street and 22nd Street
    Entrance to Chinatown / Eingang zum Chinatown-Viertel
    Washington, D.C.
    Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area Road Map
    satellite image
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    Washington family coat of arms

    The Washington family traces its roots to England in the 13th century to Wessyngton, a small rural estate in the northeastern county of Durham where Sir William de Hertburn received a lordship. The original coat of arms evolved drastically over the next 150 years through alliances, land acquisitions and conflicts. In 1346, the first appearance of the family coat of arms as we would recognize it was recorded for Sir William de Wessyngton's great-grandson, but with argent (silver) horizontal ba...

    Early history

    Since its creation by Congress on July 9, 1790, by the Residence Act and for over a century, the District of Columbia was without an official flag and flew several unofficial banners, usually the flag of the D.C. National Guard. In the early 20th Century, the Thompsen-Bryan-Ellis Company was a firm of printers working on a flag book under the direction of Lieutenant Commander Byron McCandless who had a great interest in vexillology. The work was then taken over by the National Geographic. It...

    Early designs

    In 1921, Dunn had moved on to work for the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. While working in the Mills Building, he drew a design for the flag in the office studio. He took the design directly from the coat of arms which belonged to the Washington family with no change to the design but did not release it at the time. On February 8, 1924, the Daughters of the American Revolution managed to get a bill introduced in Congress to set up a commission to select a design. It was introduced...

    Today, most sources state that Charles Dunn is the actual designer of the DC flag. It seems all historical accounts come from The Origins of the District of Columbia Flag he published in the Records of the Columbia Historical Society and the August 24, 1938, Evening Star article where he is mentioned as a finalist. However, according to the commiss...

    DC Government use

    Starting in 1908 when the District Building was inaugurated to 1964, the flag of the United Stateswas flown from a large flagpole located on the roof of the building. Due to concerns regarding the safety of the staff during inclement weather, two new poles were installed in front of the building. It was then that, for the first time, the DC flag was flown on the DC Government building grounds on a separate pole. Prior to that, it was flown under the American Flag. The flag first appeared on t...

    Local politics

    Elements of the design are used extensively in local politics. The three stars and bars or the colors are often used by candidates and causes on their signs during local elections. 1. Elissa Sliverman Sign during the 2014 local elections 2. Statehood Yes! Sign 3. DC Statehood Now sign in 2009 In 2002, the D.C. Council debated a proposal to change the flag in protest of the district's lack of voting rights in Congress. The new design would have added the letters "D.C." to the center star and t...

    City Council Commemorative Flag Program

    Starting on June 1, 2017, the D.C. City Council began a new commemorative flag program, which is similar to the United States flag program operated by the Congressional Keeper of the Stationery and requested through a constituent's U.S. senator or U.S. representative. In the case of the DC flag, interested parties can fill out an online form on the DC Council's website providing a credit card or by sending a letter with applicable check or money order to the secretary of the City Council requ...

    No local involvement in the selection

    The new flag was not well received by many in the local population at the time. The failure to involve the local population in the selection of their flag did not go unnoticed and many found new meanings for the stars and bars with many negative symbols and parallels. With the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801, the new federal district was placed under the sole authority of Congress. In the process, DC residents lost voting representation in Congress as they were no longer part of a US...

    The coat of arms in question is blazonedas: According to records available, this coat of arms was granted to Lawrence Washington of Sulgrave Manor in 1592 by Robert Cook, Clarenceux King of Arms. He was the last known recorded grantee of that specific design by the College of Arms. Lawrence would have passed it down to his descendants upon his deat...

    The design has received extensive praise from the North American Vexillological Association(NAVA) in the 21st century. In a publication titled "Good Flag, Bad Flag", the organization sets five basic principles of flag design: 1. Keep it simple 2. Use meaningful symbolism 3. Use 2–3 basic colors 4. No lettering or seals 5. Be distinctive or be relat...

    • October 15, 1938; 84 years ago
    • 1:2
    • Charles A. R. Dunn, (Original Designer), Commissioner Melvin C. Hazen, (Official Designer), Arthur E. Du Bois, (Official Designer)
    • Argent two bars Gules, in chief three stars of the second.
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  4. The District of Columbia National Guard is the branch of the United States National Guard based in the District of Columbia. It comprises both the D.C. Army National Guard and the D.C. Air National Guard components. The president of the United States is the commander-in-chief for the District of Columbia National Guard.

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