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  3. Jan 21, 2022 · The Series 4, Series 5, Series 6 and SE all come in either 40mm and 44mm sizes, while the new Series 7 comes in 41mm and 45mm. However, if you're shopping for a watch band, the Series 7 is backwards compatible for watch straps (meaning the 41mm model will work with older 40mm watch straps, and likewise for the 45mm model with 44mm watch straps).

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  4. Jan 24, 2022 · Band in the product picture is stone grey, but looks great in Lilac, Berry and other lighter colors. - All Watch bands fit the (38/40) 41 & (42,44) 45mm Series 7 Watches Compatibility: Compatible with iWatch 38MM/40MM/42MM/44MM Series 6, SE, Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, Series 1, Sport,

  5. Jan 22, 2022 · Apple Watch SE Cellular vs Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular 44mm Apple Watch SE MYDR2HN/A GPS 44mm Aluminium Dial Smart Watch (Gold) vs Garmin Vivoactive 4 vs Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41MM 4G Smart Watch SM-R855FZSAINS (Silver)

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  6. Jan 20, 2022 · 14 Jan, 9:20 pm. Apple Watch Series 7 GPS, 41mm - All colors $349. Coupon by customer491. 12 Jan, 5:04 pm. 10 Pack Case Compatible for Apple Watch 44mm Series 6/5/4/SE - $7.69. Coupon by Astatian. 21 Jan, 9:06 pm. Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular 45mm at Walmart for $479 (all aluminum colors) Coupon by prankies.

    • Once More unto The Watch
    • Displays and Delays
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    • of Dust and Speaker Design
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    As always, the first order of business is getting inside, and the larger Series 7 displays helped us out a little here. For the first time, our standard suction handlecan maintain a grip on the screen, allowing you to lift it, carefully, until there’s room enough to slide a pick underneath the bezel. You just need to heat the display first to soften the adhesive; we grilled ours face-down on a heating mat at 80° C. While they simmered, we huddled with Creative Electron for the usual X-ray treatment. (Compare last year’s X-ray from our Series 6 teardown.) After that, all we had to do was get a pick in, pry it up, and not catch or stretch anything inside this brand-new device by accident. And we did fine! (It’s nice when you can looklike you know what you’re doing while the original Apple Watch architects peek over your shoulder—no pressure.)

    Inside, the changes are subtle, but significant. Right off the bat, longtime Watch-watchers will note the Series 7 is missing the fiddly bracket underneath the battery where the diagnostic port once lived. Rumor has it that Apple now uses a high-frequency wireless interface instead. More on this later. The changes to the displays are much less subtle. The Series 7 display, despite being new and improved, looks lesscomplex at first glance. The familiar Series 6 display had two prominent flex cable folds—one dressed in black at the top, for the touch sensor layer, and a second dressed in drab green at the bottom, for the OLED panel itself. But the Series 7 somehow gets away with just one flex, at the bottom. Halving the number of flexes for the display is not a trivial change. Somehow they’ve consolidated the touch signals (which used to be at the top) into the existing OLED display flex cable down at the bottom. In short: It appears this display uses a touch-integrated OLED panel, a....

    While battery life remains officially unchanged at “up to 18 hours,” that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to report—we found undisclosed changes here, too. In both 41 and 45 mm form factors, we found batteries with slightly wider dimensions than last year, with slightly higher capacity and energy density. That said, those new larger, brighter displays are likely a bit power hungry, so this translates to a net-zero gain in overall battery life. Both batteries retain the same max voltage and average voltage as prior models, so there’s likely no chemistry change to the cells themselves. The exact specs break down like so: 1. 40 mm S6:1.024 Wh 2. 41 mm S7:1.094 Wh (6.8% increase) 1. 44 mm S6:1.17 Wh 2. 45 mm S7:1.189 Wh (1.6% increase) In other news, the smaller model still gets that radical metal batterypouch design that we first found two years ago, in the Series 5. But why is it still exclusive to the smaller model? We can think of several possibilities, but it’s likely Apple wanted to...

    Past the screen and battery, the changes are small, but impactful. Pulling the Taptic Engine and speakers out requires less fiddling with tiny brackets; it seems like Apple took some time to re-think the way everything fits together. The streamlined design is appreciated in the repair world. One other “new” feature: IP6X dust protection. Marques says in his reviewthat the dust resistance isn’t a new design or coating, just that Apple didn’t test for it before S7. In general, that tracks—the watch was already water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters, and that’s orders of magnitude more difficult to pull off than dust sealing. (Water resistance is what drives the design, and requires the harshest tests.) That said, if there are any signs of sneaky new ingress-protection measures, we’re determined to find them. And the mesh covering the speaker grille caught our eye. At first glance, the Series 6 speaker may look dust-proofier with its finer mesh—but on closer inspection it seems that w...

    Next out: the S7 package, which doesn’thouse a brand-new processor this year, but might have something else interesting inside. One of the surprising external changes to this year’s watch is the removal of the diagnostic porthidden in the watch band groove. Rumor has it, there’s a new 60 GHz wireless module—probably inside this S7 package—that, together with a proprietary dock, allows Apple to do the same diagnostics without a physical port. To quote our cohorts at Instrumental: we’re shocked! That port was critical for testing and loading software during assembly, as well as debugging failed devices. (Not that it ever helped third-party repair techs, who remain locked out of Apple’s software.) So why remove it? It’s one fewer point of ingress to worry about, so removing it is a win, IPX-wise. It also simplifies assembly and saves a little space internally. And, though we truly don’t like to think about it, this could also serve as a test for a future port-less iPhone.

    In the wake of the iPhone’s disappointing slide into less-repairablewaters, we decided to test the viability of some common Watch repairs before rendering a verdict on the Series 7. Good news: Display and Taptic Engine swaps on our 45 mm model worked great. All features, including automatic display brightness, remained functional with replacement parts from a second watch. Battery replacements were equally fruitful. Even better, watchOS was able to report the “health” of the new battery—something you no longer get in an “unauthorized” iPhone battery swap. To top it off, the battery we scavenged from our Series 6 worked perfectly in the Series 7 as well—not exactly recommended, but nice to know it works in a pinch! Intergenerational parts compatibility is obviously great for parts availability, but it also reduces manufacturing waste. And manufacturing waste is an $8 trillion problem that our friends at Instrumental spend a lot of time solving (when they’re not helping us poke around...

    The Apple Watch Series 7 earns a 6 out of 10on the iFixit repairability scale, for its modular construction and straightforward access to the screen and battery. It’s also nice to see the bands are still swappable and backward-compatible all the way back to the original Series 0. Improvements? We’d suggest a free public service manual, OEM replacement parts at a fair price, and maybe a screen that doesn’t have to be unglued and re-glued during every repair attempt. If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch our extended interview with Tobias from Instrumental for some additional insider tidbits from his time at Apple. Huge thanks again to him and the entire team from Instrumentalfor teaming up with us on the Series 7 teardown. If you want to learn more about them and their impressive mission, we’ve got you covered: 1. Learn about the product development process. 2. Download Instrumental’s reliability test kit. 3. Register for an upcoming Change Notice.

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